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Peter on his 65 birthday last week was given as a present a series of 7 murder mystery books. He rolled his eyes when he came to see me yesterday asking if he will ever find the time to read. I suggested he ask the cards.

Can I find the time to read these books within the next three months?

On a general scan of the card suits, there is 3 Hearts, 2 Spades and 1 Diamond. Hearts refer to love and passion, Spades to troubles and Diamonds to finances. Upfront, I would say that Peter will find and make the time to enjoy his passion although he will encounter obstacles along the way. The price in the cost of wasted time he will pay in doing this is very little.

Past Influence: 2 of Spades + 10 of Hearts

The 2 of Spades in the reversed position indicates that this is an unwanted gift. The 10 of Hearts in the upright position indicates love and affection. In placing the two cards together it becomes evident that Peter is reluctant to take time out of his busy schedule to sit quietly and read although once he does start he knows that he won’t stop until all 7 are read.

Present Influence and Answer: Ace of Hearts + 6 of Spades

The Ace of Hearts often refers to the home but when next to a Spades suit the meaning changes to quarrelling, The 6 of Spades in the reversed position is a positive card in that it indicates significant improvements. In answering the question, Peter knows that he will need to start prioritizing his day in order to avoid conflict. I strongly get the feeling that Peters will make the decision to make the time to read and will be amazed at the benefits that will come from this.

Future Influence: 10 of Diamonds + 3 of Hearts

 The 10 of Diamonds in the reversed position indicates a journey. The 3 of Hearts does not have an upright or reversed position and so has two meanings. Love and happiness is one and the other is sorrow and emotional problems. Peter is informed that the journey ahead in making the time to read all 7 books will bring much need joy and satisfaction but ultimately will take him away from socializing with friends and family for a period of time.


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