A reading using the Magyar Kartya Cards

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Here is a spread using the Magyar Kartya playing cards. There is no particular order or set designation to each card in this layout.  I have placed the King of Hearts as a significator to represent my-self.

The question asked is: What influences will I experience in the month of October 2014?

King of Leaves Rx + 9 of Leaves Rx

The King of Leaves in the reversed position advises me that I need acknowledge my achievements in the work force and not to shy away  when I am praised for doing a great job, The 9 of Leaves also in the reversed position states that I need to relax more and not become too fanatical in trying to achieve praise and success.

8 of Bells Rx + 9 of Hearts

The 8 of Bells in the reversed position indicates that a change will take place that I am not happy about. As uncomfortable as it will be the 9 of Hearts indicate that it will work out well in the end for the highest good.

Page of Bells Rx + Nyar

 The Page of Bells reversed indicates that an accident is about to happen and that caution is required. Nyar states that in exercising caution, I will come aware of an exciting opportunity being presented that will bring success and prosperity on the decisions I make.

Page of Hearts + 9 of Acorns

The Page of Hearts indicates that I need to look out for someone.  This will be in a caring role. The 9 of Acorns indicates that an objection by a third party may try and interfere causing a heated argument.  If I stand my ground all will work out well.

10 of Hearts Rx + King of Bells

 The 10 of Hearts in the reversed position indicate scattered emotions will affect me this month. The King of Bells indicates that if I can override these unsettling emotions, I will achieve great success and passion in my current job.

In summing up the suits in this spread, I can see 4 of the 10 cards in the suit of Bells. This gives me the impression that the influences in the month of October will be about money, learning and study. The next highest set of cards is in the Heart suit. This indicates that love, romance and happiness will be as a result of applying the suit of Bells in my month.  The remaining Leaves and Acorns indicate that I won’t experience an major change or obstacles in this month.

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  1. They are colorful cards, especially compared to our French suited playing cards. Which also makes them look so exotic! 🙂

    Do you prefer these, or are they just something different to explore?


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