What is coming in the next three months using the Magyar Kartya cards

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Events coming within one month:
Osz Reversed + 9 of Bells, Page of Leaves Reversed + 7 of Hearts Reversed, 9 of Hearts Reversed + 7 of Leaves

Within the coming month caution and careful planning needs to applied to decisions and opportunities that present themselves to me at this time. Taking control and action of these situations will bring in the rewards.

Within the coming month I am advice that I need to be more pro-active in bringing my goals and desires to the forefront if I wish to see them materialise. I am cautioned that in doing so I will be pleasantly surprised in how they come about.

Within the coming month I will witness the effects of these decisions and opportunities playing out in my life although they may not materialise in the way that it was originally planned. This could be due to a change of my current employment.

Events coming within two to three months
10 of Bells + King of Acorns, 8 of Leaves Reversed + Page of Hearts Reversed, Page of Acorns Reversed + 7 of Acorns Reversed

Within the next two to three months, it is predicted that my job will hold challengers that will require physical and mental discipline. As enjoyable as it may be, there is an indication that it may be soured by a person with an addictive and dominating personality.

Within the next two to three months it is predicted that I will become disappointed with plans about dealings with a overseas friend or supplier. I am reminded that I should not take my frustrations or disappointments to heart and to leave it to unfold in its natural way.

Within the next two to three months it is predicted that future problems and difficulties will be experienced by this person and their behaviour. A strong warning is indicated that at this time I am to keep my thoughts and opinions to himself.

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