20/10/14 to 26/10/14: This week’s prediction

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I am warned that confrontation between two men will unfold around me. The Jack is younger man that is prying and quite nasty. He is interacting with an older good natured and generous man.
8H + 9D
There is an increase of pleasure and excitement happening this week in planning the coming holiday in November.
10D + 9H
There is a change coming financially for me this week that will provide an amazing blessing.
5C + 4D
Help from a friend will happen this week although trouble is indicated to come from it. This may come about because a secret is brought to the light.
I will be witness to a conversation between a generous and sincere friend and a close friend.
7C + 2S
Good news will come about this week that will bring a lot of happiness. I need to watch that I remain silent as gossip, scandal and separation will be the outcome if I don’t.
2D + 9C
There is an indication that a love affair will unfold around me that will bring about criticism. It could even be offered a business proposition. What every way it unfolds, it will be successful.

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