A Ten Card reading using the Horseshoe Layout

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Greg has been looking for a boyfriend for quite some time. Recently he has met a guy called James and they have become firm friends. James states that he is a straight male but Greg’s gay radar confirms this to be not the case. Greg has asked the cards if his intuition is correct or not?

Reading the cards right to left, the first card is from the suit of Spades. This gives me the indication that Greg’s radar is off kilter and that James is a straight man. The Seven of Spades means unfilled goals so it confirms what is previously stated. The Eight of Clubs indicates a happy love affair, the King of Diamonds may well be James and the Ten of Hearts indicates happiness and success.
Reading these three cards as a whole, I get the impression that the cards are picking up on Greg’s wishful thinking that James and he would make an ideal couple.The Eight of Spades warns that Greg should keep this thoughts and feelings to himself or risk the breakup of the friendship.

Another possibility is that James (King of Diamonds) has not spoken to Greg about a former love (10 of Hearts) that he has separated (8 of Spades) from but wants back. This could be the Queen of Diamonds. This ex-girlfriend of his is extremely bitter (Seven of Diamonds) and will go out of way to prevent other women (Queen of Hearts) developing an form of attachment to him. This doesn’t really answer Greg’s question but could go into explaining why James is shying away from female friendship at this time.

The Ace of Spades is indicating that James will in time walk away from Greg when he sorts himself out although Greg will still keep dreaming of what could be.(Nine of Hearts).

The final answer though is that Greg’s needs to keep looking if he wants love.

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