27/10/14 to 02/11/14: This week’s prediction

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I am using two different methods of interpretation in this spread. The first is from the book Fortune Telling with Magyar Kartya, How to see the future with the William Tell deck of card. The second set of card meanings come from a website called the HungarianSoup.com

7 Bells reversed + King of Bells
1: The hardship that you have been going through financially is coming to an end. It’s time to enjoy and make use of all that money that was saved for that rainy day.
2: Within 6 weeks a loving protective male will come into your life.

Knight of Bells + 7 of Hearts reversed
1: The good work that you have done will be recognition and appreciated although the acknowledgement will not come at a time when you most want it or needed it.
2: A caring and affectionate female will play a “mother” role in your emotions.

8 of Acorns + Nyar reversed
1: An argument is building and bubbling up. It needs to be had so don’t back away from it as it will drive the stagnant air that surrounds the situations. Don’t let this opportunity pass when the time is right.
2: Problems are arising that will create discomfort within your current close relationships.

Page of Bells + 8 of Leaves
1: Place your hand up and accept the opportunities that are presented in your work to develop and refine your skills. The benefits and blessings that you will receive by doing the work will reach out not only to where you life but to an international market as well.
2: Your luck is changing and good luck will start to come into your life. This is a certainty so relax and watch it unfold.

Page of Acorns + Tavasz reversed
1: A negative and unhappy person will go out of his or her way to make life difficult for you. Do all you can to step out of their control and reach. This person is more than likely to be someone that you had some form of affection on or with from your past or present circumstances.
2: Watch out as you will be lied to by those that are close around you. This will cause trouble if you heed their words. A social opportunity will soon present to increase and enlarge your circle of friends. Follow this through.

King of Leaves reversed + Tel
1: It is time for you to stand tall and proud. Speak your own truth and then act on your words. The journey ahead in doing so may be difficult at times however by placing your focus on achieving your desired outcome will make the ride much more bearable.
2: A single male friend will supply you with news that will either come as a shock or a surprise.

10 of Hearts reversed + 7 of Acorns reversed
1: A recent relationship that has been pulling at your heart strings needs to be healed or removed completely. If not your mental and physical health will suffer.
2: A situation within your family will come to your attention which will bring a great deal of trouble and tension in your life at this present time.

Page of Hearts reversed + Osz
1: You will experience a feeling of separation from those that are close to you however don’t dwell in it. Instead learn to enjoy your own company and go out and have fun.
2: Someone that you have been thinking of for some time will reach out and make contact with you soon. This is more likely to written than spoken.

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