My weekly reading for Monday the 8/12/14 to Saturday the 13/12/14

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An overview to the week ahead: Monday the 8/12/14 to Saturday the 13/12/14.
I have selected the King of Clubs to represent myself.

Looking at the makeup of the suits, I can see that there are an even number of Clubs and Diamonds as well as the Spades and Hearts. Taking the Clubs and Diamonds into consideration, I know that this coming week is more about thinking, learning and growing in the my financial and or material well-being.

I have chosen not to re-interpret the cards today using my thoughts and words but to allow the card meanings that I use to paint the picture.

Two of Clubs Reversed + Seven of Diamonds Reversed + Two of Hearts
Obstacles overcome, conquered
Financial worries
Success and prosperity in love or business, a relationship

King of Diamonds Reversed + Three of Spades + Nine of Diamonds Reversed
No friend of the client, hot tempered, revengeful
Severance or separation in love
Troubled journeys, delays

King of Spades Reversed + Five of Spades + King of Hearts Reversed
Clients enemy or rival, introverted, self- contained man
Reverses and anxieties but eventual success
Fickle, home loving, affectionate man

Five of Diamonds + Ten of Hearts + Six of Diamonds Reversed
Happiness and success, changes for the better, time to start new projects, birth
Great affection, success, good fortune after difficulty
Relationship problems, arguments, separation

Seven of Clubs Reversed + Queen of Hearts + Ace of Clubs
Work related worries
A good nature, kindly, trustworthy woman
Wealth, prosperity, unexpected money or gain, letters, paper, luck

Four of Clubs + Six of Spades + Nine of Clubs Reversed
Fortunes changing for the worst, danger, sudden misfortune or failure
Small changes and improvements
Financial assistance does not materialize

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