The Mandala Spread.

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This spread was taken from a recent article in the Magician Magazine by Kate Ellis.

You (what’s most important at the present): Jack of Acorns + 9 of Bells + Nyar
1. Swift action needs to be taken so as I don’t get bullied into making a decision that is against my will. In doing so I will be in a much stronger position to forge my way ahead and command the respect and acknowledgement that I deserve.
2. I am warned that emotional trouble is brewing through misinformation from others. This unsettling period is to last approximately 3 months before I can embrace a successful loving relationship.

Work/Career: 8 Bells Rx + Jack of Leaves + Knight of Bells
1. Change is about to take place in my current work that is not to my liking. By remaining positive and upbeat to the situation, I will be in a position to attract the right people that will lead to career advancement.
2. I am reminded that nothing is constant in my work or career path. My mental attitude needs to be single focused and yet be wide enough to show love and compassion.

Love and Relationships: Osz + Knight of Hearts + 9 of Acorns
1. As the holiday season approaches, my love and relationship sector is about to explode with the possibility of entering into a romantic relationship however it w on’t be all love and bliss. A challenge is ahead.
2. I will receive communication about a relationship with a much loved female that may be considering marriage. This news will bring me great pleasure and happiness.

Finances: 8 of Acorns Rx+ 7 of Hearts + 7 of Bells Rx
1. Seems that my financial status will be discussed and up for debate. I am cautioned to watch my language when this occurs. Something good will come from this argument although financially I need to live within my means.
2. Financially, I am warned that trouble is coming in overspending during this holiday period. A positive change is about to take place that will bring on joy to my soul. This will take place within the next 6 weeks.

Home and Family: 10 of Acorns + 10 of Leaves + 9 of Leaves Rx
1. Verbal and physical disagreements among family members are indicated to escalate at this time. As difficult as the situation may become, I am happy that it has come to pass. I need to not get involved in taking sides in case I get dragged into its murk depth.
2. Business opportunity comes into my home and family life. There is potential to make a very large sum of money from it although it will start out small at first.

Inner Self (what’s going on inside): Jack of Hearts Rx + Tavasz + 10 of Hearts Rx
1. The feelings of inadequacies to help and assist are coming to the surface of my consciousness mind about the relationships that I have with a female friend. I am cautioned to back away before I get dragged into this emotional mess.
2. Someone dear to me is holding me in their thoughts. They may be fearful that meeting different people could pose a danger rather than looking at them as extended new family.

Other (what else Spirit wants to show you): Jack of Bells + 7 of Acorns Rx + King of Leaves
1. Spirit is showing me that new and exciting projects will be offered through my work. Although these projects won’t be easy, I need to look beyond the hardship and see the bigger glowing picture of success and prosperity that it will bring,
2. Spirit is indicating that I am enfolded in good luck and that I should be optimistic when unpleasant worries and troubles materialised to a young male friend.

Future: 10 of Bells Rx + Tel + 8 of Hearts Rx
1. Achievements that I have been making are not getting acknowledged to my liking. I need not be concerned as a new opportunity to improve the way I go about things are coming even though at the time, I may feel lost in confusion and indecisiveness.
2. In 6 months’ time I will receive what some may call a surprise or a shock to the system. Whatever way it goes, I am assured it will end well by holding a positive outlook.


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