Do This or Do That Spread

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Should I go to Vietnam in July 2015 or the United States of America?

Position 1: 4 Spades Reversed Position 2: 2 Clubs Reversed
Position 3: 8 Spades Reversed Position 4: King of Diamonds
Position 5: Jack of Clubs Reversed

The 4 of Spades as card one reveals that all arrangements in planning to go to Vietnam will flow easily and effortlessly. The 2 of Clubs reversed in position two supports the reversed 4 of Spades by revealing that any obstacle that arises will be worked through successfully. The 8 of Spades reversed in position three places a question mark that underneath this divine flow lurks something more sinister. It cautions deceit, falsehood and lies will be at play with these travel arrangements.. The King of Diamonds as card four indicates that a hot tempered revengeful man is pulling these strings in destroying the holiday. This could be a dishonest travel agent trying to make fast cash. The reversed Jack of Clubs in position 5 indicates the final outcome. Here we find that whatever underhandedness that will arise will be counter acted by a sincere and reliable young man that wants only the best for this trip.

Position 1: 8 Diamonds Position 2: King of Clubs Reversed
Position 3: King of Spades Reversed Position 4: 8 Clubs Reversed
Position 5: 6 Hearts Reversed

The 8 of Diamonds in position one indicates that going to the United States may not eventuate due to a change in my current work situation. The reversed King of Clubs in position two may indicate that this change to my employment may cause me mental agitation that makes travel impossible. The reversed King of Spades in position 3 could again be misleading advice offered by a reserved introverted man who is out to make a fast dollar with nothing to back up his holiday deals. The 8 of Clubs reversed indicates that he will provide nothing but trouble and disappointment should I take up these holiday deals. The reversed 6 of Hearts in position 5 indicates the final outcome. Again I am told that help will come when I least expect it. Someone will arrive at the right moment to fix the situation and allow me to enjoy the holiday.

In analysing this spread, I draw the conclusion that Vietnam is slightly more favourable. In both spreads, I see that the same message of being cautious when I am approached or given advice by a man that is out to deceive and in both cases help comes from an unexpected person.

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