Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards

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I have had the Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards in my cupboard for ages and never liked them from day one. On Christmas day, I felt compiled to dig them out and since then have used them every day in learning to understand and interpret their language. Here is the Short Reading obtained in the Little White Book that came with the deck.

Destiny: The Pig (10) + The Star (34) + Lightening (43) + The Mouse (29) + The Letter (15) + The Rapiers (37) + The Moon (2) + The Flame (7).

Pig + Star + Lightening
These three cards predict that remarkable success is assured in any endeavour I set my mind too and will take me by complete surprise.
Flame + Me + Mouse
These three cards predict that luck is on my side and that difficult situations will be overcome with ease.
Moon + Rapiers + Letter
These three cards predict lucky opportunities but warns of a confrontation coming soon that is destined to work out well.
Past influence: Pig + Flames + Moon
These three cards are indicating that in my past I have been able to achieve the goals and plans that I have set my mind too.
Present influence: Star + Myself + Rapiers
These three cards are indicating that currently my lucky breaks will come to a halt due to a threatening influence coming soon.
Future influence: Lightening + Mouse + Letter
These three cards are indicating that in the future I will receive a surprise about a coming difficulty that I will overcome through a lucky opportunity.

The outer square is the forces that surround me: The Park (26) + The Ring (23) + The Lion (51) + Broken Glass (44) + Clouds (25) + Red Extra Joker + The Roads (31) + Bouquet (7)

Park + Ring + Lion
These three cards warn of misinformation delivered by friends. The expectation of receiving love will come to naught although indications might be there. The truth will set me back.
Bouquet + Broken Glass
These two cards indicate that I will have a happy life and yet the sadness of losing a friend however that happens.
Roads + Red Extra Joker + Clouds
These three cards indicate that a shift in direction by a stroke of intuitive luck will separate me from troubles.
Past influences: Park + Bouquet + Roads
These three cards indicate in the past I listened to misleading advice that had an effect on my happiness. Unfortunately I am still living with the ramifications of it.
Current influences: The Ring + The Red Extra Joker
These two cards indicate romantic love has currently escaped me although intuitively the indication is that it is not wanted in this moment.
Future influences: Lion + Broken Glass + Clouds
These three cards indicate that in the future, I will receive news that will upset me. The end of a friendship will leave me separated from those that I hold dear.


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