My thoughts on receiving difficult card meanings

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I still refer to myself as a student learning the art of reading playing cards, I often worry about what to say when the “negative” cards come out in a reading. Today, they seemed to come out for me for this coming weekend and especially on Saturday.

To help you understand, the Nine of Spades in the reversed position means: bad luck in all things, destruction, ruined hope and death, The Eight of Spades in the reversed position means: a more serious state of affairs, deceit, plots and immorality. Finally, the Ace of Spades in the reversed position means: serious misfortune, loss of something or someone. After taking this all in, below are my thoughts as to what I would say if this was for someone else.

The question I asked the cards was how would (your) week-end go?

Saturday 10 of January 2015:

4C Rx + 3D Rx + 9S Rx
8S Rx + AS Rx + AD Rx

An ongoing issue that (you) have struggled with appears to be resolved this week-end. Something extremely unpleasant is behind the scenes waiting in the background to rear its head. There is an indication that a dispute will arise with someone that will lead to a loss of a friendship that won’t be repaired. There is a general feeling of regret and bitterness throughout the day as further news and updates come to hand.

Sunday 11 of January 2015:

JH Rx + KH Rx + 8C Rx
4D Rx + 9C Rx + 9D Rx

Contact with an affectionate and home loving friend is indicated to take place today. There is a good feeling of fun and happiness in our interaction. An older man that shares very similar characteristics will present himself today. He is willing to offer financial assistance in some venture but due to his unpredictable and inconstant manner, it is all talk and (you) are advised not to expect it to happen. A feeling of disappointment an unease will linger around this friendship and will affect any future interaction for quite some time to come.


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