What influences are coming up in the next 7 days?

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Here is a weekly reading using the Magyar Kartya cards. This reading follows no official format but an overview of the coming week ahead. Sometimes the theme seems to repeat itself and it is here that I need to pay special attention to. An update in how this reading panned out will appear at the end of the week.

Nyar + Knight of Bells
This week I need to listen carefully and make firm decisions to act when opportunities are presented. The rewards are worth it.
9 of Bells Rx + 9 of Acorns
There will be times this week that I will feel lethargic and dissatisfied. Perseverance will be required on this rough patch ahead.
Tavasz Rx + 9 of Hearts
Loving relationships will friends and family will go cold this week as I focus on other areas of my life. It won’t be long before they recover.
Page of Acorns + Page of Hearts Rx
A self-opinionated person is indicated to push my buttons this week if I allow them too. It could be a tactic to move me forward in life rather than spiralling down.
8 of Hearts + 7 of Leaves Rx
Make a firm decision and then take action on it is what is required this week. It won’t be easy but there is a good chance that I will succeed by taking one step at a time.
King of Leaves Rx + King of Acorns
I am reminded this week to speak of my achievements. Not in showing off but by building up my self-esteem to avoid negativity coming from a very aggressive person.
Knight of Hearts + 7 of Acorns
Romantically connecting with someone is indicated this coming week. This union brings mental, emotional and physical freedom from the struggles of going it alone.
7 of Bells Rx + 10 of Leaves Rx
I need to watch my finances this coming week with some unknown expenses coming in.. There is an indication that it might be health related.

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