Seaqueen’s Trigger Layout

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This reading may come across as very egoistical. It was not meant to be. The difficulty is that I only have myself at the moment to practice on. I am also using cards that I am still learning. Today’s spread comes from the creator that I have meet on Face Book. For more information on this layout you can go to

Trigger Row: Book + Man + Children + Lilies
In the past there has been a strong drive to learn and master the secrets of predicting the future for others. In the coming two weeks an opportunity will arise gently and easily to finally claim success with the craft. By months end the confidence I lack will disappear for good.

Past (last month): Scythe + Book + Mouse
The last month has seen many disappointments cutting away at my confidence in trying to accurately read the cards. Without personal tuition from qualified teachers my knowledge has come from books that were written years ago yet still excite me to keep on going. .

Now: Bride + Man + Letter
These disappointments from the past are spurring me on to keep on going until I have achieved my goal. Signs of improvement are slowly becoming evident as I work through these past concerns,

Immediate (two weeks): Pig + Children + Heart
Evidence of this success and accomplishment will be made visible within two weeks as I practice more and more. Gentleness in judging my-self and my abilities will soften and allow me to bring a great deal of joy in my life.

Soon (one month): Stork + Lilies + Eye
In the coming month, I will see a move within my current living and working environment. Exposure to a greater number of people in uncovering lost secrets will not only bring joy into my life but of those that I help the most.

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