Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards by Sveltana Alexandrovna Touchkoff

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These cards were original owned by one of my closest friends Neville McClure who passed away 5 years ago. I remember the day he brought them and like him, they sat unused for the last 17 years. I am still reading the book that came with the box set and today decided to dust them off and see what message they would reveal to me.

What influence is arising in the next coming weeks?

26 Book Position 1: communication of a secret
50 Bread Position 2: profit and happiness in the house, success in business affairs
42 Scales Position 3: if you maintain your balance, you will come out whole from a predicament
20 Forest Position 1: continuous friendship with many worthwhile people
43 Crayfish Position 1: having made too bold a step, you’ll back off

Last Card:
5 Firewood Position 2: recovery
20 Forest Position 1: continuous friendship with many worthwhile people
14 Fox Position 2: a falsity will be revealed
47 Demons Position 1: do not listen to cunning whisperings wishing to hurt you

The Book describes a situation that is arising that will be beneficial for me. I need to communicate with those that are in a position to help me along the path. The card of Bread reminds me that at the moment, I am in a good and happy state of mind. Everything I need or want is within reach. The Scales are indicating a situation will arise but if I tackle it in a realistic and sensible manner, I should overcome the problem with ease. The Forest indicates that friends will support me in the decisions I make as I move from one thing to another. The Crayfish as the final picture in this spread states that any change no matter how beneficial it maybe will fall short and I won’t go ahead with it. The last card consolidates the meaning for the entire reading. Starting with the Forest card, I am, advised that good friends will be supportive and lead me to a sense of peace and fulfilment (Firewood). I am asked to be truthful in my interactions (Fox) and when things don’t go to plan, accept it gracefully (Demons).

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