The Short Reading Spread

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This spread comes from the LWB found in the Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards. It is called the Short Reading. There was no detailed instruction sheet as to how to read this spread and for a long time it caused me endless grief. In recent weeks of doing practice readings with this spread I feel that I have finally found the flow. As a warning to the reader of this blog, you will not find a straight forward line of reading using this spread. In its place I have inserted the cards so you can see the back and forth approach into piecing this reading together. The cards I am using in this reading are the Magyar Kartya and the interpretation I am using come from

What is coming: (within a month)
First Row: 7 of Leaves + Osz + Knight of Bells
Second Row: King of Bells + 8 of Acorns + 9 of Bells

There is news (Osz) coming from a mother (Knight of Bells) about her child (7 of Leaves).
The welfare of this child is what is facing a family man (King of Bells). His back is turned to the news that this child has an illness.(8 of Acorns). More than likely this illness has been going on for around 3 months. (9 of Bells).

What is now: (within two weeks)
Third Row: Nyar + 7 of Hearts + King of Hearts + Tavasz + Page of Bells

Romance and passion (7 of Hearts) in a loving physical relationship (Nyar) is far from my mind (King of Hearts). What seems to be occupying my coming future is connecting and making new friends (Tavasz) and the benefits (Page of Bells) that friendship brings.

What is leaving (within a month)
Fourth Row: 8 of Bells + 10 of Bells + 10 of Acorns
Fifth Row: Knight of Leaves + King of Acorns + Page of Acorns

Although I stated what is leaving my life in one month’s time, the (10 of Bells) is indicating that it will be more likely 6 months before I start to see a change coming (8 of Bells) that will ultimately have an impact on my current employment. (10 of Acorns) There is no indication at this stage if the change is positive or negative but it appears to be triggered by conflict (Page of Acorns) caused by a divorced authoritarian male (King of Acorns) and his current youthful girlfriend (Knight of Leaves).


At this stage, the reading doesn’t make a lot of sense. It will be interesting to see what transpires in time. What I find fascinating is that there are 6 cards in the suit of Bells which indicates to me that the majority of this reading is about money, work and study yet only one card in the whole of the reading related to employment.

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