Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards

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I had coffee this morning with a friend that has completed a Manifestation Course at the beginning of the year and is slowly getting frustrated that nothing on her Vision Board in coming to pass even though she advised that she faithfully practices the techniques religiously.

What information can the cards advise that will assist Anna in her quest?

The Bear as the centre card indicates that Anna’s approach in her daily visualisation techniques is excessive in physically trying to force the Universe into bring her desired goals quickly.
The Black Extra Joker in her past acknowledges that strength of mind alone has not worked nor has listening to the advice of her closet friends (Park) who only want to wish her well in her endeavours. The Fox suggests that this advice is unintentionally misleading and is the root cause of her current frustration. Anna’s problem at the moment is that she is not receiving confirmation from the Universe that change (Stork) is happening at some level. Without this sign Anna has become more forceful in her motivation to work harder (Bear) on her list to her own detriment. (Sun/Dark side of Clouds) If Anna is to make her desires come into being she is advised not to fight (Rod) belief or the external slowness of the situation. Instead she is advised to relax that the agreement (Ring) between herself and her Source will happen regardless of the back and forth directional (Clouds) sway until breakthrough appears.

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