Zigeuner Wahrsage-Karten (Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards )

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Ken has not wanted a committed relationship for a very long time. Part of the reason was because he has enjoyed the freedom of an independent lifestyle. Ken will turn 55 years old this year and feels that he is now ready to enter into a sexual and loving relationship. Ken asked the question if he has left it too late in life to meet someone special.

Ken’s interest or subconscious: Message + Hope
Ken has come for a reading to communicate (Message) his thoughts about the possibility of fulfilling his current desire and wish (Hope) that it is not too late for someone special to come into his life.

Past: Letter + Unexpected Joy + Anger + Misfortune
I would intuit that if Ken’s past life was every written (Letter) down it would not include being in a relationship. His book would mention his adventurous spirit (Unexpected Joy) in travelling the world and his intolerance (Anger) and impatience (Misfortune) should anyone try to take away his independence away.

Present: Journey + Thief +Fortune + Enemy
Currently Ken has started to contemplate what it would be like to share (Journey) his solitary life with someone special. He has not spoken his thoughts out aloud (Thief) to anyone in fear that his joy of being in a sexual and loving relationship (Fortune) may be ridiculed (Enemy) by his closest friends.

Near Future: Jealousy + Death + Sadness + Gift
I intuit that it is not too late for Ken to meet that special someone although a lot of work is ahead in overcoming his insecurities (Jealousy) and fears that he is far too old (Death). If he can apply himself diligently to the task and work through the setbacks (Sadness) that arise he will eventually succeed (Gift) in finding love.

Distant Future: Sweetheart + Constancy + Baby + Widower
The distant future presents a very different Ken than now. His outlook his swept in beauty and charm (Sweetheart) as his physical and spiritual eyes open (Constancy) to the nurturing (Baby) power of love and the banishment of loneliness. (Widower)

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