Psychic Pinto Oracle Cards

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Here is a 5 Card Yes or No Spread that can be found on the YouTube channel of Baraja Tarot. It was introduced to me on the Art of Cartomancy Group founded by J David Arcuri
The spread works on the number of odd to even numbers rather than the suit colours to determine the answer. The first two cards represent the past , the middle card represents the present, and the final two cards represent the future outcome .The odd numbers give a YES answer, and the even numbers give a NO answer. The middle card is counted twice.

Mary asked: Will I be in a loving relationship with the man of my dreams in 2016?


So Thawing Out is a YES. The Fool/Master is Neutral. Rosemary is a double NO, Hedgewitch is a YES. Imagine is a YES. The answer to the question I feel is that there is a possibility that Mary will be in a loving relationship in 2016. (3 Yes, 2 No’s and 1 Neutral). Let us look at interpreting each card to gather more information…

Thawing Out and the Fool in Mary’s past seems to indicate Mary hiding behind closed doors casting desire seeds out into the heavens hoping that they will be fertilized by the hand of the Gods in bringing the loving relationship to her door without her having to put in the work.

Rosemary in the present position shows that if Mary truly wants her desire fulfilled in 2016 she needs to invest time and energy in going out and socializing. Mary is reminded to develop patience as she sets out to meet the loving man that will be her future partner.

Hedgewitch and Imagine in the future position indicates that Mary needs to utilize the resource made available in her community by joining and participating with like-minded people and groups that share the same purpose. Success can be guaranteed if Mary is willing to work on her inner self by visualizing and welcoming the coming of the loving relationship in the here and now.

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