Old Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards

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This adaption of the  Gypsy Cards has started to call out to me to learn.  Here is a practice reading following the booklet that came with the original Whitman Gypsy Cards.

Key + Kids + Ring + Hands + Sick
My wish won’t get answered but I will be supported by loving friendships. There is no up/down meaning for ring as there is for whether the ring is right/left. I assume that instead of marriage, I will meet someone new and together our friendship base will grow even though some may not be troublesome.

Snake + Fox + Me + Star + Moon
Actions taken by a close friend are likely to stir up further ongoing issues with a troublesome person. It will get resolved successfully although minor worries will linger.

Letter + Mirror + Woman + Sun + Whip
Good luck will come to me slowly although I will go through serious problems. It could be caused by a woman coming into my life. Happiness and good luck will return although it may cause a few minor family problems in the process.

Key + Snake + Letters + Lily
I won’t get my wish because of the actions of someone that I believe to be a friend. Change will come slowly which in some way is good as I am warned not to get ahead of myself to quickly.
Kids + Fox + Mirror + Safe
I will start to develop lasting and good friends although there will be one person in the group that is likely to cause problems. These problems may linger for quite some time but will eventually go away and bring me financial riches from what I have learnt along the way.

Ring + Me + Woman + Fire
Someone new will come into my life. This person is female and with her will come lasting good luck.

Stork + Hand + Stars + Sun + Cats + Dog
The idea of moving house or career advancement is far from my mind. My interest is in growing and developing friendships. This brings me great happiness although some of these new friends will disappoint me along the track. The weeding out of these people will show me the ones that are true and sincere.

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