Gong Hee Fot Choy

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In a normal Grand Tableau spread the first thing is to look where the significator cards has fallen in the layout. In the Gong Hee Fot Choy system both male and female are represented by the Queen of Clubs.

In my reading today, I am sitting in the House of Journey. There is an indication that within the month I am going to be experiencing a change of some kind that will involve moving or travelling. The card to left is the King of Hearts. This card is sitting in the House of Paper. The indication here is that I will be asked to store important documents. Above me lies the Jack of Clubs. This card sits in the House of Compass. This card has a number of meanings. It could indicate that within the month one of my relatives or friends will talk to me about radio work. It could also indicate a special message will come to me. Something that I hear involving my job or a job needs prompt action on my part. Below me sits the Eight of Hearts in the House of Relatives. The message is not a prediction but more a statement that some or one of my relatives loves me very much and that I am their favourite. This also applies to friends as well. Diagonally top left sits the King of Clubs in the House of Wishes. Its meaning is that my wish that I made while shuffling the cards will be influenced in a positive way by my vocation or job that I am currently doing or will in the future be doing. Diagonally bottom left sits the Ten of Hearts. This is in the House of Health. The prediction here means that I will hear of a wedding that makes me sick at heart or there will be a uniting of something in my community that will be for the betterment of the public’s health.

It will be interesting to review this reading at the end of the 23 February 2016 to see what transpired.

Here is the complete reading:
1: House of Compass: Jack of Clubs
Relatives: one of your relatives or dear friends will talk to you about radio work. A special message will come to you. News of the Air indicates word of some kind through the air or some kind of work that moves fast. Dispatching news
2: House of Wishes: King of Clubs
Vocation/Working Person: your wish pertains to or will be influenced by a vocation or job. Check the House of Vocation. Here a Club sits in this spot. This means that there is a good change of my wish coming true.
3: House of Success: Ace of Diamonds
New Undertaking: your success will come through a new undertaking or bettering your opportunities through study. Something new and better for you soon
4: House of Moon: Ace of Hearts
The Abode: that you love a good home or there is much love in your home or in the future you will have a home with love. A new home is indicated
5: House of Surprise: Seven of Hearts
Happiness: happiness is in store for you like a surprise party. Beware of jealousy among your friends. Good news soon
6: House of Popularity: Ten of Spades
Sun: the sun uncovers deceit and lies and if someone tries to get credit for something, your rightful place will be established or you will have many real admirers. If in the professional world the sun will shine bright for you
7: House of the Abode: Seven of Clubs
Messages: a message of some kind comes to you about someone who is going to call. You like apartment or hotel life
8: House of Journey: Queen of Clubs
Inquirer: you are facing a journey, a move or a change of some kind
9: House of Paper: King of Hearts
Enjoyment: some stocks or bonds or insurance papers will be given to you or placed so you may finance them easily through a dear friend or relative
10: House of Vocation: Eight of Diamonds
Inheritance: sometime in your life you will take another person’s job due to death or you will inherit some business or business shares or constant income
11: House of Marriage: Nine of Spades
Disappointment: you will be disappointed in a marriage or you have lost someone in your home through marriage or you will be divorced or a mate is taken by death. A disappointment connected with marriage or a delay in wedding plans
12: House of Happiness: Queen of Diamonds
Seasons: you are very unhappy when you have to wait for an appointment. Time affects your future happiness
13: House of Enjoyment: Eight of Spades
Trouble: if you go out to have a good time you will have car trouble or your escort insults you, have trouble with someone for going
14: House of Messages: Queen of Hearts
Friends: a message from friends telling you about some good time they are going to have and they will ask you to join them. a pleasant message, a shopping trip
15: House of Relatives: Eight of Hearts
Moon/Love: some or one of your relatives loves you very much and you are the favourite, friends are relatives love you
16: House of Health: Ten of Hearts
Marriage/Union: you will hear of a wedding that makes you sick at heart or there will be a uniting of something in your community that will be for the betterment of the public’s health.
17: House of Money: Ace of Clubs
Gift: you will receive a large sum of money or the equivalent or the purchase of jewellery- something valuable
18: House of Seasons: Jack of Hearts
Popularity: if merchandising your product will be in demand before long or your services will be sought
19: House of Friends: Ten of Diamonds
Money: through a friend you will be put in a position whereby you will make some money or gain in some way. You will have prosperous friends
20: House of Gifts: King of Diamonds
Legal Papers: you will receive a gift of a deed, bonds or stock or something that comes on paper or you will have to employ an attorney to keep a gift that has been given to you or a doctor will give you good advice
21: House of Letters: Eight of Clubs
Achievement: through an achievement you are lucky or a letter asks you to go to work
22: House of Trouble: Jack of Spades
Compass/Thoughts: troublemaker tries to be nice to your face and carries news, a busybody or you will hear of a bad disaster over the air
23: House of Disappointment: Queen of Spades
Gratitude: a disappointing loss is indicated from an ungrateful person, perhaps someone will do his best to break up your home or make you lose your job. You will meet a spiteful person
24: House of Death: Ace of Spades
Death: you will witness an accident where someone is killed or you may be involved in an accident. Drive carefully and avoid this
25: House of Undertaking: Ten of Clubs
Journey: you will enter into a business where machinery moves or something is in motion or you travel in connection with your business. Change and movement connected with a new venture
26: House of Achievement: Seven of Diamonds
Success: some achievement brings big success in the future. Fame and fortune-try
27: House of Inheritance: King of Spades
Callers: someone calls to tell you of an inheritance or you may be an administrator of an estate. Or some court action comes with this estate or inheritance or a loan repaid
28: House of Callers: Nine of Diamonds
Surprises: you will be paid a call that surprises you, a good surprise be prepared
29: House of Gratitude: Nine of Clubs
Achievement: friends in the business world will be grateful and repay you at a later date or you will receive a favour because you are grateful
30: House of Inquirer: Nine of Hearts
Your wish: your wish is very personal and you should get it very soon. You may have to overcome some obstacles first
31: House of Luck: Jack of Diamonds
Letters: you will be lucky in keeping a certain letter that you intend to throw away or you will be informed of some good luck through the mail. Something like earning money or merchandise
32: House of Sun: Seven of Spades
Health: sunshine and health indicated. Get outdoor bath in the sunshine, get in tune with nature

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