Gong Hee Fot Choy – 31/01/16 to 06/02/16

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House of Compass: Ten of Diamonds
Money: indicates you are vibrating to money this week. Plan to increase your income. A prosperous vibration around you

House of Wishes: Jack of Spades
Compass/Thoughts: indicates your wish will be governed by your thoughts or thoughts toward you. There is a good chance for your wish to be granted. This card also means a thief. A young person with bad intentions so beware of a new acquaintance

House of Success: King of Diamonds
Legal papers: your success is connected with legal matters or a court action of some kind. If you attend school or study for a profession, this is where your success lies. Successful in signing papers soon

House of Moon: Nine of Diamonds
Surprises: a certain person you least expect will declare his love for you or someone, a source you little expect will defend your character when you do not know it. A happy surprise for you

House of Surprise: Queen of Clubs
Inquirer: you are due for a great surprise; get ready for it a good surprise

House of Popularity: Nine of Spades
Disappointment: you will lose your popularity by your actions, retirement, drink or a shady deal, or you are retarded in getting something you want. A short delay

House of Abode: Jack of Hearts
Popularity: your home will become popular through kindness that is shown to callers or you will purchase a fine piece of property that will be of great value later

House of Journey: Seven of Spades
Health: you will take a trip to visit a sick friend or you will take a trip for your health or a new baby in the family or worry over a change.

House of Papers: Jack of Clubs
Relatives: you will be involved with relatives, very close business associates, or friends in court, or you will go or be called to court as a witness

House of Vocation: Ten of Clubs
Journey: your vocation will have something to do with travel or you will change it many times during your life or you will work at the same thing in many places or jobs or you will travel a distance to your work. Your future work will involve space and distance

House of Marriage: Nine of Clubs
Luck: your marriage will prove lucky and your mate will supply you with many worldly goods or if you are single, you will be married soon

House of Happiness: King of Clubs:
Vocation: by being employed you will be very happy or your happiness comes through your work. Happiness comes with a vocation

House of Enjoyment: King of Spades
Callers: callers will annoy you such as an intoxicated person coming to your house or you will attend a party where someone is so intoxicated that the police are called or you will enjoy a call from an old friend

House of Messages: Nine of Hearts
Your wish: you will receive a message concerning your wish

House of Relatives: Ten of Spades
Sun: a relative informs you about an estate other relatives were trying to keep from you or the uncovering of something you should know comes late in the evening or at night

House of Health: Ten of Hearts
Marriage or union: you will hear of a wedding that makes you sick at heart or there will be a uniting of something in your community that will be for the betterment of the public’s health

House of Money: Eight of Clubs
Achievement: through some achievement you will make a large sum of money. Business and money are indicated and work

House of Seasons: Jack of Diamonds
Letters: if you are expecting hasty news, it will be delayed or you should answer your mail promptly

House of Friends: Seven of Clubs
Messages: a message from a friend will bring good financial news or a friend buys your business if you have one for sale or helps you with it. A talk of business by phone

House of Gifts: Queen of Spades
Gratitude: someone will give you a gift because he is grateful or an ungrateful person will try to keep someone from giving you something promised you. A grateful person will be glad to receive some of your unwanted clothes

House of Letters: Ace of Hearts
The abode: indicates you will receive a letter, if away from your loved ones that tells the news of home or a letter telling you about a friend or relative building or moving into a new home. This letter will contain news of some kind about a home or a home for you

House of Trouble: Seven of Hearts
Happiness: jealousy may cause you some trouble also indicates worry or trouble can come from this. Catty remarks indicated

House of Disappointment: Ace of Clubs
Gift: you will be disappointed in not receiving a promised gift or it is damaged in delivery or the theft of something valuable. Take care of your clothes

House of Death: King of Hearts
Enjoyment: you will hear of the death of someone you cared for, the party may be a relative

House of Undertaking: Ace of Spades
Death: a death will have something to do with a new undertaking or if you start one it will not prosper. Be sure to investigate a new job

House of Achievement: Queen of Diamonds
Seasons: whatever you want to do or are going will require time to achieve also indicates some help from people older than yourself

House of Inheritance: Eight of Spades
Trouble: trouble comes over an inheritance, also bad feelings, worry and tears indicated- perhaps you know what this is now

House of Callers: Eight of Diamonds
Inheritance: someone will call on you soon regarding his inheritance or one for yourself. Also look for callers at mealtimes, spongers or borrowers

House of Gratitude: Eight of Hearts
Moon/love: someone will be very grateful for something you have done and will remark they love you for your kindness

House of Inquirer: Seven of Diamonds
Success: your future holds success in a financial way. Remember not success in all things but success in money matters

House of Luck: Ace of Diamonds
New Undertaking: if you are contemplating a new venture you should be very lucky with it, luck here plays a good part in what your future venture holds

House of Sun: Queen of Hearts
Friends: the sun should shine in your life. You will find the bluebird in your backyard. Smile. Be happy, it pays

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