Gong Hee Fot Choy – 7/2/16 to 13/2/16

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House of Compass: Nine of Spades
Disappointment: there is the vibration of delay around this. Do not be disappointed as there is something better in store for you

House of Wishes: Ten of Diamonds
Money: your wish pertains to or will be influenced by money. A good chance for your wish to come true

House of Success: Queen of Clubs
Inquirer: your future will be successful or that unlocked for success is coming your way soon. This is in regards to your source of livelihood. A successful career indicated

House of Moon: Ace of Clubs
Gift: you will receive a gift from someone who loves you or you will give someone you love a gift,

House of Surprise: King of Hearts
Enjoyment: a kindly person surprises you. A good surprise, a nice presents for you

House of Popularity: Eight of Hearts

Moon and Love: you have many admirers and people should love and highly esteem you. Fame and love for you

House of Abode: Queen of Spades
Gratitude: an ungrateful person calls at your home or an ungrateful person works for you

House of Journey: Jack of Hearts
Popularity: by being popular and well liked you will be invited on a pleasure trip

House of Papers: Seven of Spades
Health: something in the newspaper will make you heartsick or someone’s illness makes you blue or you may sign a will as witness or you will visit a dentist or doctor.

House of Vocation: Ten of Spades
Sun: you should be sure your vocation is an honourable one or that you do not work for a schemer or crook, you might be involved. You will uncover something crooked

House of Marriage: Eight of Spades
Trouble: you will have trouble in your marriage over money or relatives or you will be a peacemaker between married persons or you will have a falling out with friends or you wish guests would leave

House of Happiness: Jack of Diamonds
Letters: you will receive hasty news that brings you happiness. Love letters or an invitation

House of Enjoyment: Ten of Hearts
Marriage or Union: you get great enjoyment at a wedding and entertaining friends, you should love company

House of Messages: Eight of Diamonds
Inheritance: you will receive a message about an inheritance or an opportunity to invest money that should bring good returns

House of Relatives: Seven of Clubs
Message: you will receive a message from a relative or friend who invites you to a party or christening or a pleasant phone call

House of Health: Ace of Spades
Death: you should be careful with your health if you are doing dangerous work, be careful, also indicates a short sick spell or ill health to a close relative

House of Money: Eight of Clubs
Achievement: through some achievement you will make a large sum of money. Business and money are indicated and work

House of Seasons: Jack of Spades
Compass and Thoughts: you will be very undecided in something you want to do or make a move in the direction or place you want to live in. lucky day is Wednesday

House of Friends: King of Clubs
Vocation: a friend will either help you get a position or influence you in what you do or the people you work with are good friends

House of Gifts: Nine of Clubs
Luck: you will be lucky in receiving a gift either you win it or you find something and can’t find the owner

House of Letters: Queen of Hearts

Friends: you will receive good news from a friend. A letter telling you nice things

House of Trouble: Ace of Diamonds
New Undertakings: worry and trouble will come if you start a new undertaking at present or you will worry with fear, do not be fearful of tomorrow

House of Disappointment: Nine of Diamonds
Surprises: you will be surprised and disappointed by the actions of someone you trust but this is for your own good, sever relations here

House of Death: Ten of Clubs
Journey: you will take a trip because of a death or go to a funeral or you move to another state

House of Undertaking: Ace of Hearts
The Abode: that you will be offered a new undertaking that can be started in your home or you will build or remodel a home

House of Achievement: Queen of Diamonds
Seasons: whatever you want to do or are going will require time to achieve, also indicates some help from people older than yourself

House of Inheritance: Nine of Hearts
Your Wish: your wish picks up with an inheritance or by help from someone

House of Callers: King of Spades
Callers: many people will visit you soon, indications are that you will be very busy receiving and entertaining your friends or you will see people you are very anxious to see

House of Gratitude: Seven of Hearts
Happiness: you will bring happiness into someone’s life and that person will be very grateful or by your being grateful for small things, you will obtain much happiness.

House of Inquirer: Seven of Diamonds
Success: your future holds success in a financial way. Remember no success in all things but success in money matters

House of Luck: Jack of Clubs
Relatives: you and a relative or close friend will make a lucky investment through a ticket of chance, financial gains

House of Sun: King of Diamonds

Legal Papers: this house belongs to those in the professional world ie doctors, lawyers, if a judge you will be called upon to render a hard decision or sunshine in your life by a just decision if in court

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