Your Destiny in 36 Cards – 7/02/16 to 13/02/16

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Line One:
10 of Spades + Queen of Spades + 10 of Hearts + Jack of Hearts + Ace of Clubs + 7 of Clubs

A Spade in Position 1 (Question Asked/Project in Mind) indicates that the trust you have placed in others will be used improperly. The Ten of Spades means the coming of sorrow
A Spade in Position 2 (Realization of Wishes) means that there is very little chance you will be successful in your project because of the deceit of others. The Queen of Spades in this position shows an unsociable and jealous woman.
A Heart in Position 3 (Possibilities of Success) means total success in my project. The Ten of Hearts signifies good luck and contentment and tends to alleviate adverse indications.
A Heart in Position 4 (Fulfilment of Hopes) means that my hopes will be realized. The Jack of Hearts represents a happy-go-lucky young man who has a pleasant, cheerful disposition but one who does not possess deep emotions or loft ambitions.
A Club in Position 5 (Risks regarding Projects) indicates that time and effort I devote to the project are worth my while. Anyone connected with it will be congenial and dependable. The Ace of Clubs indicates that my life and affairs are well organised. My hopes and wishes are realistic; through energy and perseverance I will be able to see them come true. This card assures me of loyal and helpful friends throughout my lifetime. Many benefits are bound to come my way.
A Club in Position 6 (Hearts Desires) means that I will realize partial gratification after some delay. The Seven of Clubs mean that a young girl will have great devotion; her interest in a person is so tremendous that she will make every sacrifice in his or her behalf.

Line Two
Queen of Diamonds + Queen of Clubs + 8 of Spades + 10 of Diamonds + 9 of Hearts + Jack of Spades

A Diamond in Position 7 (Unfairness) means that the injustice against me will not be completely eradicated however the good reputation I enjoy will be restored. The Queen of Diamonds is a woman that likes to have a good time. She brings good luck
A Club in Position 8 (Ungratefulness) means that with the support of trustworthy friends I can conquer the bad effects of the ingratitude of others. The Queen of Clubs represents a congenial woman who is of utmost value to you. She can be a close relative, a business associate, a good friend or a mere acquaintance
A Spade in Position 9 (Important Business Associates) can be certain that current business relationships will not be profitable to you but they may to others. The Eight of Spades means opposition.
A Diamond in Position 10 (Losses) means that I will suffer financial reverses and lose personal possessions and property. The Ten of Diamond means travelling
A Heart in Position 11 (Troubles) means that I will suffer in emotional matters. The Nine of Hearts means that whatever is wished in connection with the position on which it lands will be fulfilled. I can expect that someone who has made me a promise will carry through with it in the very near future.
A Spade in Position 12 (Condition of Life) means that I will not find that my status will improve with time as a matter of fact it will get worse no matter what I do to prevent this condition. The Jack of Spades means a man who is crude in every way. This adverse trait can only be modified if excellent cards are found around it in the spread.

Line Three
King of Hearts + 9 of Clubs + 8 of Diamonds + Jack of Clubs + Ace of Spades + Ace of Hearts

A Heart in Position 13 (Happiness) will experience joy and delight from spiritual sources. The King of Hearts means a very good, gentle and trustworthy man
A Club in Position 14 (Love) means that I can count on the complete loyalty of loved ones and friends. The Nine of Clubs means that I will receive a inexpensive gift.
A Diamond in Position 15 (Prosperity) means that I must realize that others envy will threaten my economic well-being. The Eight of Diamonds signifies a satisfactory business trip.
A Club in Position 16 (Marriage) if eligible enter into a marriage for practical and monetary reasons. The union will be a suitable one. The Jack of Clubs is a genuine and enduring friendship with a male.
A Spade in Position 17 (Suffering) must be prepared for afflictions which will be brought about by others deceitfulness and dishonesty. The Ace of Spades indicates misfortune. It can carry a good omen in that arduous efforts and steady application will result in a contented married life, success in business or profession and accumulation of possessions
A Heart in Position 18 (Enjoyment) can look forwards to happiness in a close relationship with another. Your efforts will be appreciated. Problems will be solved and will not destroy the association. The Ace of Hearts means my home.

Line Four
8 of Clubs + 9 of Diamonds + 2 of Spades + Ace of Diamonds + 2 of Clubs + King of Spades

A Club in Position 19 (Inheritances and Lawsuits) bequeath will be received from a friend in the form of money or property. The Eight of Clubs signifies a friendship of the highest order
A Diamond in Position 20 (Trickery) will go through agony to overcome the effects of deceit or trickery but you will win in the end. The Nine of Diamonds brings bad news
A Spade in Position 21 (Competitors) can expect your rivals to be victorious over you. They will do everything possible to dishonour you with the people in your intimate circle. Two of Spades denotes a change in the base of operation or location of the home.
A Diamond in Position 22 (Gift) be on guard against the possibility that someone will try to bribe you with a gift. You will not want the gift if you accept it chances are you will not appreciate it. Ace of Diamonds signifies the receipt of a letter concerning money or a proposal of some kind. The letter will be of a business nature or be accompanied by money
A Club in Position 23 (Lovers) can expect your loved one or friend to be loyal but he or she will be lacking in other respects. The Two of Clubs stands for a trustworthy friend
A Spade in Position 24 (Fame or Notoriety) you will have so many obstacles in your way that you cannot hope to become famous. Your foes will do everything possible to destroy your standing in the world. The King of Spades indicates you must be aware of the fact that you have a rival.

Line Five
7 of Hearts + 10 of Clubs + 2 of Hearts + 9 of Spades + King of Clubs + 2 of Diamonds

A Heart in Position 25 (Assistance or A Good Turn) may be assured of unlimited aid or friends will do something unexpected in your behalf. Seven of Hearts indicates whether or not favours requested in connection with the cards which surround it will be granted.
A Club in Position 26 (Enterprise or Undertaking) will enjoy financial success as a result of friendly advice and assistance. The Ten of Clubs is an omen of good luck.
A Heart in Position 27 (Changes) you can rest assured that the change you have in mind is an excellent one. The Two of Hearts indicates a prosperous state or condition
A Spade in Position 28 (Death) will be faced with the untimely death of one of your foes. The Nine of Spades signifies discord or money losses in connection with the position on which it is found
A Club in Position 29 (Rewards and Appreciation) indicates a suitable reward but you must earn it through industriousness and perseverance. The King of Clubs is a man whose comradeship is of utmost value to you.
A Diamond in Position 30 (Misfortune and Dishonour) will find that envy causes unpleasant notoriety and affects you in a roundabout way. This card is the harbinger of news which is coloured by the position on which it falls in the spread.

Line Six
Queen of Hearts + Jack of Diamonds + 8 of Hearts + 7 of Spades + King of Diamonds + 7 of Diamonds

A Heart in Position 31 (Luck) can count on unexpected good luck. The Queen of Hearts represents a woman who is kind hearted, magnanimous and dependable.
A Diamond in Position 32 (Money) will tend to place your confidence in worthless friends and this in turn will bring losses. The Jack of Diamond has no special significance.
A Heart in Position 33 (Indifference) can expect that this attitude on your part will give you a calm but cheerless, existence or a loved one’s disinterest could affect your life in some way. The Eight of Hearts means an invitation
A Spade in Position 34 (Favours) means I will not receive the favour asked no matter how much effort I put forth to get it. The Seven of Spades means heartbreak
A Diamond in Position 35 (Ambition) will not fully realize your aims for riches because of the malice and envy of friends. The King of Diamonds means a business rival
A Diamond in Position 36 (Sickness) will suffer a critical illness but you will recover. The Seven of Diamonds is considered to be the harbinger of harsh criticism. It is also the signature of a young foreign girl.

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