A Love Reading using the Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards

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What advice do I need to know in finding love in 2016?

The Awen Spread

Ideas: Mountain + Key + Hand in Hand
Stop your self-judgement chatter and instead focus on developing giving your-self more love and compassion in order to achieve finding love in 2016.

Emotions: Letter + Dog + Sun
Allow your heart to be open to expanding and embracing the differences in potential suitors by not limiting your love options by what you see around you.

Manifestations: Lilies + Broken Glass + Shepherd
Learning from the success and failures from past relationships provide the endurance and strength to find the love you are looking for in 2016.

Past: Mountain + Letter + Lilies
The blocks and limitations you have placed on yourself in the past have been removed. You are free to pursue your dreams.

Current: Key + Dog + Broken Glass

Make the time now to step out from your comfort zone. Use your creativity in stretching your resources in meeting and interacting with new people.

Future: Hand in Hand + Sun + Shepherd
Success is assured. Kindness to yourself will see your eyes shining brightly as true testimony of attracting the perfect and loving partner in 2016

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