A Love Reading using the Mystical Kipper Cards

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Here is my attempt at working with Houses in a Grand Tableau spread.

The question I asked was “What can I do to be in a romantic relationship by June 2016?”

Past: House of (6) Good Lady: (16) His Thoughts + House of (14) Sad News: (23) Court + House of (22) Military Person: (26) Luck

The past approach of channelling the feminine wisdom within me in seeking knowledge and ideas about attracting a romantic relationship has not worked. It has taken the harshness of disappointment and disillusionment in reaching this discovery and decision that another approach is needed. By taking full responsibility for my past actions I am in a better position to move forwards into oncoming opportunity and long term happiness.

Present: House of (7) Pleasant News: (28) Expectation + House of (15) Good outcome in love: (1) Main Person + House of (23) Court: (12) Rich Girl

My current situation is alive and abundant with vibrant signs and symbols. Witnessing this provides me with the information that the wishing and hoping of a romantic relationship is going to be over soon. I need to maintain the feeling and experience of being in love and how that will express it’s self once I am in a relationship. The decision to relax and step out to meet and discover new people will bring a sense of creative fun and energy.

Future: House of (8) False Person: (7) Pleasant News + House of (16) His Thoughts: (8) False Person + House of (24) Thievery: (33) Murky Thoughts

The future outlook of being in a romantic relationship by June 2016 will be marred by the energy of dishonesty and deception by the people that I meet. It could be that the signs and symbols that I have interpreted as positive and uplifting information are in fact incorrect. An attempt will be made in trying to rectify and adjust my thinking and work with compromise instead only to be deceived yet again. I am reminded that I need to quickly pick myself up and move on so as I don’t get caught up in loss of hope and personal insecurity that I am not worthy of experiencing love and happiness.

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