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What can I learn about myself over this Easter holiday period?

House + Cat + Wine
This Easter period will bring a flourish of new ideas and connections with liked minded people that are willing to grow and prosper. Allow the interactions to be balanced and realistic so as my expectations won’t be shaded in false promises. A bright, happy and cheerful attitude will result at the conclusion of this holiday period.

Bird + Man + Roads
Currently obstacles, expectations and attitudes from other people are wearing me down while I try to relax and take things easy during Easter. I am reminded that I need to be vigilant in my words, deed, thoughts and actions in dealing with outside influences so as to avoid misunderstanding, hardship and disappointment later on down the track.

Heart + Bear + Rose
Old worn out ideas, associations and objects from the past that brought great pleasure and joy will leave me by the end of Easter. The success that I have taken for granted in the past is making way for new experiences and opportunities to emerge. These may not share the same beauty or durability of what I once had.

Past: House + Bird + Heart
Commitments and obligations that brought a feeling of unity and success have fallen into misery, suffering and unhappiness. This may have resulted by relying and trusting on others to supply me with resources that supported my past successes and happiness.

Present: Cat + Man + Bear
Currently there is a need to do a lot of sweet talk to those that supported me in the past without being overbearing about it. Having a confident and willing attitude to take a risk in speaking the truth about my needs I can turn the hardships around into something pleasurable.

Future: Wine + Roads + Rose
By the end of the four day Easter period I will be well rested and optimistic to take on the challengers that have lingered around me for some time. Although there may be opposition and resistance in the beginning it will make way for a beautiful, strong and vibrant attitude in my future dealings with others.

Cat + Birds + Man + Roads + Bear
I am cautioned that excessive praise and charm will only create a high level of distrust and insecurity not only to my-self but to others as well in trying to obtain what I want. In being truthful I can avoid unnecessary trouble and unhappiness and achieve a far better result than previously thought possible.

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