Gong Hee Fot Choy – 27/03/16 to 2/04/16

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House of Compass: Ten of Spades
Sun: the vibration of sunshine and smiles are around you. Tune into this as it is good for you. There is always sunshine after rain

House of Wishes: Queen of Spades
Gratitude: your wish will be influenced by gratitude or a grateful person. There is a good chance of this wish coming true. This card also represents an unscrupulous woman, a schemer

House of Success: Ace of Clubs
Gift: a gift of some kind has something to do with your future success or you will be successful in obtaining a gift you want to give someone or an offer made to your benefit.

House of Moon: King of Diamonds
Legal Papers: some legal procedure in court will benefit you socially or help a friend in court. A professional in any capacity indicates you will do something to help humanity and benefit yourself or a wedding licence will be signed

House of Surprises: King of Spades
Callers: you have a surprise from a caller, maybe a policeman or fireman selling tickets to a ball or a tax collector, or collector of some kind or ex-sweetheart calls. Something you resent

House of Popularity: Ace of Hearts
Abode: indicates that if you are a homemaker, you will be popular among your friends or your present or future home will be a popular place or you will have many offers to sell property

House of Abode: Ten of Diamonds
Money: sometime in your life you will own your own home and it will be well furnished or money will come through some endeavour in the home or you sell property for a substantial sum

House of Journey: Jack of Diamonds
Letters: an important paper or hasty news about a change is coming soon from a long distance.

House of Papers: Ten of Hearts
Marriage/Union: you will sign a wedding certificate yours or friends or you will sign as a witness to something, a business contract or the amalgamation of firms

House of Vocation: Nine of Hearts
Your Wish: if you have wished for work you will soon be employed or get something better in your line of endeavours. You should get your wish.

House of Marriage: Nine of Diamonds
Surprises: you will be surprised about an old persons wedding or when you hear of the marriage of someone whom you thought never would wed or some proposal will surprise you.

House of Happiness: Jack of Clubs
Relatives: relatives influence your happiness if they interfere, like a mother in law or some sort of interfering person gets away from their influence

House of Enjoyment: King of Clubs
Vocation: you enjoy whatever you do also you will be required to help with some sort of entertainment. This includes anything from being a member of a banquet committee to actually playing a part in the entertainment

House of Messages: Nine of Clubs
Luck: a message or tip from someone on a race or chance in gambling will prove lucky to you, a lucky message of some kind

House of Relatives: Eight of Diamonds
Inheritance: you may inherit stocks, bonds or furniture from a relative at a later date you are their favourite or small sums of money given

House of Health: Nine of Spades
Disappointment: you have been sick or had a loss through someone’s illness also indicates an upset mental condition caused by work you dislike or the people around you. Cheer up, this will change

House of Money: Seven of Diamonds
Success: money matters will bring you success in the future. Concentrate on an opportunity that is present in the work. Success there for you

House of Season: Ace of Spades
Death: you will lose a dear friend by death before this season has passed or a change of condition comes into your life in the next three months by ridding yourself of an annoying condition. Lucky day Monday

House of Friends: Eight of Spades
Trouble: trouble is caused by friends. Be careful. Select good company or you will help a friend in need or friends will talk their troubles over with you.

House of Gifts: Queen of Diamonds
Seasons: something you desire very much will be given you this season or a present from an elderly person; a lasting gift will be received.

House of Letters: Jack of Hearts
Popularity: you will write something that makes you become popular or you receive a letter because you are popular, desiring your services.

House of Trouble: Ace of Diamonds
New Undertaking: worry and trouble will come if you start a new undertaking at present or you will worry with fear, do not be fearful of tomorrow

House of Disappointment: Queen of Hearts
Friends: you are disappointed in a friend or you will lose a friend. The loss is here

House of Death: Seven of Spades
Health: someone’s health or your own will improve with the death of someone or you are blue and sick and wish death would relieve this condition, or you need diversion, go places, see people

House of Undertaking: Eight of Clubs
Achievement: you will achieve much in your business if you start a new undertaking along the same line. A better job or a new business

House of Achievement: Ten of Clubs
Journey: you will be successful in business also you may achieve success in publicity writing, something that goes into circulation.

House of Inheritance: King of Hearts
Enjoyment: you will inherit valuable things from a relative or very close friend who has your welfare at heart or a gift from a kindly person.

House of Callers: Eight of Hearts
Moon/Love: someone will call on you who thinks a lot of you and whom you love, a love call

House of Gratitude: Seven of Clubs
Message: you will receive a message expressing gratitude or you will receive a message you are grateful for.

House of Inquirer: Seven of Hearts
Happiness: your future should be full of happiness either through achieving something or through a talent of your own. Happiness is in store for you.

House of Luck: Jack of Spades
Compass/Thoughts: there is someone who will envy some good luck you will have. Remember good luck seems to follow only those who deserve it.

House of Sun: Queen of Clubs
Inquirer: sunshine and happiness for you after the rain. We must all have rain in our lives to balance the scales. Good times ahead.

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