Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten, Gypsy Witch Playing Cards and Ordinary Playing Cards

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2 April 2016: Daily Draw


1: Some Money + Loss + Ecclesiastic

It always seems to be the small things in life that we carry around the most. No matter what they are it does get hard to shake them off. We need to learn the power of words and the effects they have in the delivery of the message.

2: Clover Leaf + Eye + Order
Someone will approach you today with information that will delight you. It won’t be secret knowledge as others watch with interest knowing full well that you deserved this reward and recognition. Make the most of it.

3: Seven of Hearts + Jack of Spades + Seven of Spades
From the external perspective you may feel that you portray your residence as a home of love and goodwill. Think again, as you will shortly discover that others known the hornet’s nest of dishonest activity behind the walls.

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