The Master Method – Your Destiny in 36 Cards

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A Weekly Reading: 4 April 2016 to 10 April 2016


Line One

1: Question Asked or Project in Mind: Two of Clubs
I can count on trustworthy friends to help me find the answer to my questions or forward my projects The Two of Clubs stands for a trustworthy friend

2: Realization of Wishes: Nine of Clubs
I can rely on friends who will leave no stone unturned in trying to promote my happiness. The Nine of Clubs means that I will receive a gift of money

3: Possibilities of Success: Jack of Clubs
I will attain success through the aid of friends. The Jack of Clubs is a symbol of genuine and enduring friendships

4: Fulfilment of Hopes: Jack of Hearts
I can count on the fact that my hopes will be realised. The Jack of Hearts represents a happy-go-lucky young man who has a pleasant cheerful disposition but one who does not possess deep emotions or lofty ambition

5: Risks regarding Projects: Eight of Hearts
I must allow for an element of chance however good fortune should follow. The Eight of Hearts means good things can be expected.

6: Heart’s Desire: Nine of Diamonds
My friends will put forth a great deal of effort to win through to my goals however energetic and persistent I will be I can only hope for partial fulfilment of my hearts desires. The Nine of Diamonds indicates my heart’s desire will be fulfilled.

Line Two

7: Unfairness: Ace of Spades
I can expect injustice I have suffered to get worse. The Ace of Spades indicates misfortune however it can also carry a good omen in that arduous efforts and steady application will result in success.

8: Ungratefulness: Eight of Clubs
With the support of trustworthy friends can conquer the bad effects of the ingratitude of others
The Eight of Clubs signifies a friendship of the highest order

9: Important Business Associates: Two of Diamonds
I will need to pursue my contacts cautiously and diplomatically. In spite of all my efforts however the results will not be entirely gratifying. The Two of Diamonds signifies the coming of important business news

10: Losses: King of Hearts
I will lose a benefactor, friend or associate. The King of Hearts means that the stress of loss will be alleviated

11: Troubles: Jack of Diamonds
I will have to face difficulties of a financial nature. The Jack of Diamonds has no special significance

12: Condition of Life: Ace of Hearts
I can count on steady improvement in my circumstances. The Ace of Hearts is my home. My home is surrounded in rivalry and jealousy, one heart good luck, happiness and love and one Spade, bad luck and disaster.

Line 3

13: Happiness: Queen of Hearts
I will experience joy and delight from spiritual sources. The Queen of Hearts represents a woman who is kind hearted, magnanimous and dependable

14: Love: Eight of Diamonds
I must look out for the envy of others and try to keep them from causing trouble. The Eight of Diamond means a satisfactory business trip

15: Prosperity: Ten of Clubs
I need to exert my own efforts and call upon friends for assistance if I want to achieve moderate prosperity. The Ten of Clubs is an omen of good luck

16: Marriage: Ten of Diamonds
I can be certain that jealousy on my part or that of mate will blemish marital happiness. The Ten of Diamonds is considered to be an omen of travel.

17: Sufferings: Seven of Diamonds
I will find that jealousy will bring trouble and sorrow. The Seven of Diamonds is considered to be the coming of harsh criticism. It also means a young foreign girl.

18: Enjoyment: Ten of Spades
I will not derive much joy from a relationship because it will tend to be artificial and transient. I might as well forget it and turn my thoughts elsewhere. The Ten of Spades is considered to be one of evil in my enjoyment. It indicates that I have suffered some grief in the past.

Line Four

19: Inheritances and Lawsuits: Seven of Clubs
I will receive a bequeath from a friend in the form of money or property. The Seven of Clubs stands for a young girl who is devoted and great. Her interest is so tremendous that she will make every sacrifice on my behalf

20: Trickery: Queen of Spades
I will suffer dire consequences as the result of misrepresentations calculated to damage my reputation. Others will lose many friends through the ill will of my enemies. The Queen of Spades indicates a woman that is unsociable and jealous.

21: Competitors: Two of Spades
I can expect my rivals to be victorious over me. They will do everything possible to dishonour me with the people in my intimate circle. The Two of Spades denotes a change in the base of operation or location of the home.

22: Gift: Seven of Hearts
I will receive a beautiful and unexpected present. The Seven of Hearts mean that I will be married within a short time.

23: Lovers and Friends: King of Clubs
I can expect my loved one or friend to be loyal but he or she will be lacking in other respects. The King of Clubs means that I will meet a fair minded rival.

24: Fame or Notoriety: Ace of Diamonds
I must be prepared to overcome problems, malice and envious rivals. Once this is done I will obtain advancement. The Ace of Diamonds signifies that I will receive a letter that will be of a business nature or be accompanied by money.

Line Five

25: Assistance or A Good Turn: Queen of Clubs

I will deserve a kindness but I will obtain it only through the offices of unselfish friends. The Queen of Clubs represents a congenial woman who is of utmost value to me. It can be a close relative, a business associate, a good friend or a mere acquaintance

26: Enterprise or Undertaking: King of Spades
I cannot look for success in my endeavours because my competitors will be vicious and spiteful. The King of Spades has no special significance.

27: Changes: Queen of Diamonds
I will work diligently to effect a change but my efforts will be wasted. The Queen of Diamonds is a woman who likes to have a good time. The connotation is adverse.

28: Death: Seven of Spades
I will be faced with the untimely death of one of my foes. The Seven of Spades is the coming of heartbreak.

29: Rewards and Appreciation: Ace of Clubs

I will receive a suitable reward but I must earn it through industriousness and perseverance. The Ace of Clubs indicates that my life and affairs are well organised. My hopes and wishes are realistic. Through energy and perseverance I will be able to see them come true. It is an omen of success in my career. No matter what my career is this card assures me of loyal and helpful friends throughout my lifetime. Many benefits are bound to come my way.

30: Misfortune and Dishonour: Jack of Spades
I will suffer adversity and disgrace through the fraudulent practices of others. The Jack of Spades is a man who is crude in every way.

Line Six

31: Luck: Nine of Hearts
I can count on unexpected good luck. The Nine of Hearts means that my wish will be fulfilled.

32: Money: Nine of Spades
I will not receive the money I rightly deserve because unscrupulous individuals will cheat me out of it. The Nine of Spades signifies money losses.

33: Indifference: Ten of Hearts
I can expect that this attitude on my part will give me a calm but cheerless, existence or a loved one’s disinterest could affect my life in some way. The Ten of Hearts signifies good luck and contentment and tends to alleviate the indifference.

34: Favours: Eight of Spades
I will not receive the favour I ask no matter how much effort I put forth into getting it. The Eight of Spades means opposition.

35: Ambitions: Two of Hearts
I can be sure that my highest aims will be attained soon. The Two of Hearts signifies a prosperous state or condition.

36: Sickness: King of Diamonds
I will suffer a critical illness but I will recover. The King of Diamonds means a business rival.

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