Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten

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What is the likelihood that I will find love within the next 12 months?

Now: Jealousy + Journey
3 Months: Unexpected Joy + Anger
6: Months: Fidelity + Ecclesiastic
9 Months: Money + Sadness
12 Months: Constancy + Love

The cards indicate that at the moment I am perceived to be unattainable (Jealousy) and distant (Journey) when approaching or being approached.
Within the next three months there is an indication of being more socially active (Unexpected Joy) although more inflexible (Anger) and discerning in my tastes.
Within the next six months there is a strong indication that I will befriend (Fidelity) someone that shares my spiritual (Ecclesiastic) beliefs.
In nine months’ time as confidence and stability (Money) enfold around me so does the realization that disillusionment (Sadness) in the relationship is about to happen.
In twelve months’ time it is predicted that I will be back to square one with searching (Constancy) for that one passion (Love) all over again.

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