Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards. Reading Houses in the Grand Tableau

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Will I find love soon?


What is coming into my life?

House of the Key: Rapiers
House of the Tree: Letter
House of the Coffin: Rider

My desire to be in a loving relationship (Key) is indicated to happen although it will bring unwanted conflict (Rapiers) and upheaval in the beginning. If I can accept the challenge ahead by being grounded (Tree) and positive in mind, body and spirit I will witness an unexpected (Letter) development happening in the loving relationship for the better. There is still going to be unease and pain (Coffin) rearing its presence ever so often however it will simmer down to a deep abiding (Rider) love made in heavenly bliss and contentment.

What is currently in my life?

House of the Fox: Sun
House of the Children: Man
House of the Snake: Shepherd

I am currently advised to keep my opinions and secrets (Fox) to himself if I want to find a loving and happy (Sun) relationship. Having a friendly temperament (Children) to be of service to others will put me (Man) in a better position to meet the right person. I should not get caught up with rejection or allow the feelings of heartache and hopelessness (Snake) to overcome my current goal. Persistence will pay off but for now I need to dedicate (Shepherd) myself to the task.

What is leaving my life?

House of the Lady: Lilies
House of the Man: Lion
House of the Lilies: House

The realization that I do not need to please others by being submissive or passive (Lady) to their demands will enhance my quest for finding my personal happiness (Lilies) when it comes to love. So too does the aggressive and dominant (Man) attitude that the cards indicate I display when I response to negative feedback (Lion) from others. The false perception of how a happy life (Lilies) plays out in my imagination will give way to discovering that all unions or partnerships (House) take a lot of work in order for them to succeed.

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