Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards

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GW 260616

I have been watching a Youtube video by Donnaleigh called How to do a 9-Card Lenormand Spread.
I decided to give it a go using simple language to uncover what message the cards are suggesting in the reading.

What influences are going to affect me in the next 14 day?

The love of this rented property (Clouds) is about to be shaken up (Stork) for the better.
My happiness (Heart) will lead to disappointment.
Someone known to me will bring good news (Clover) that will enhance (Pig) my prosperity.
My happy home life (Clouds) will disintegrate because of internal frustration (Clover/Clouds) surrounding me.
Have an attitude of success (Key) will bring unexpected blessings (Letter)
The moment I decided to move home (Stork) all my ambitions will be attained. (Pig)

Past: Cloud + Heart + Clover
My happy home life (Cloud) that brings me lasting joy (Heart) will leave me feeling annoyed and frustrated. (Clover/Cloud)
Current: Key + Man + Letter
Success (Key) will bring me (Man) an unexpected increase (Letter) in good fortune.
Future: Stork + Scythe + Pig
A change in house (Stork) will bring disappointment (Scythe) but great abundance (Pig).

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