Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards

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What is making me constantly procrastinate in all areas of my life?


Lightening + Tree + Snake + Railroad + Moon

The true reason why I procrastinate will take me by surprise (Lightening) and bring healthy optimism (Tree) back into my life. Making the transition to change is not going to be easy and fierce mental opposition (Snake) will make the process long (Railroad) and arduous until the pattern is finally broken and success (Moon) reigns.

This reading doesn’t really answer the question what is making me procrastinate.

Revisiting the cards again the picture of lightening may indicate the sparking of rapid and sudden (Lightening) thoughts  that it would be overall healthier (Tree) to permanently abandoning (Snake) doing what is need and delaying (Railroad) it for another more happier (Moon) day sometime in the future.


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