Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards

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Here is a series on how to learn to read the Short Reading Spread found in the Gypsy Witch pack. Today I will start on what is called “reading in the round”. It begins with the central character (Man) on then goes anticlockwise by interpreting each card in relation to him.

Reading in the Round: Near

Man + Shepherd
Today I will be mesmerized about the beauty and wonder of life that surrounds me today.
Man + Birds
Today I will experience strong feelings of mental negativity that has the possibly erupt in physical aggression.
Man + Clouds (White Side)
Today I will be filled with joyful and happy experiences at home and with my all in my household.
Man + Dog
Today I will make time to developing and maintain new and existing friendships
Man + Letter
Today good news will arrive that will contain within it an unexpected blessing.
Man + Railroad
Today any form of travel or direction in which I want to head in will appear long and arduous.
Man + Pig
Today all my ambitions and desires will turn into a living reality.
Man + Tree
Today, I will experience vibrant good health.

Reading in the Round: Far

Man + Cat
Tomorrow I will be succumbed to unrealistic gratification.
Man + Key
Tomorrow, I will find success in opening new doors.
Man + Ring
Tomorrow, I will find disappoint with those that I love
Man + Tower
Tomorrow I will find my strength crumbling as an ill feeling sweeps over me.
Man + Fox
Tomorrow I will encounter deceit, lies and trickery in someone I hold dear.
Man + Bouquet
Tomorrow, my arrangements throughout the day will flow effortlessly
Man + Mouse
Tomorrow what I find missing will not be replaced.
Man + Broken Glass
Tomorrow will be difficult in shaking off the ill will directed at me.

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