Magyar Kartya

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It has been a while since I have posted using this unique deck. I have decided to work with 4 different published authors meanings of these cards to figure out which meanings resonate with me and which meanings have the potential of coming into reality.


Where have I been? – Nine of Bells Reversed + Jack of Acorns

1: There has been a feeling of apathy running through my veins because of the attitude of a smart assed youthful know it all.

2: The last three months has been hard in having to deal with an increase of troubles and difficulties in my personal and business relationships.

3: The past has had its fair share of things going missing out of my life or so I think as I am unable to find them when I need them

4: The joy of receiving financial and verbal acknowledgement for the work that I have completed has been undermined by a deceitful and nasty person/

Where am I now? – Jack of Hearts Reversed + Nine of Acorns

1: Currently I am feeling unloved and even worst unwanted in my social and business life as I grapple to learn and adjust to new ways of doing things.

2: I am aware that someone is currently is praying and thinking about me as I witness miracles unfolding around me.

3: My thinking is currently all over the place as I try and deal with unwanted feelings of jealousy and ill will to those that want to help.

4: Someone within my close social circle has currently created damage to someone else’s property causing all sorts of problems

Where is all this leading me? – Eight of Bells + Nine of Hearts Reversed

1: An amazing gift and blessing is coming into my life that will make me feel complete and whole.

2: The feeling of nausea and sickness will sweep through me as I approach the coming of having my wish answered.

3: A fresh new change will be coming into my life as I start the preparation on cleaning out all the clutter in my home and the people who live in it

4: The future outlook appears to be in my complete control as I begin to correct the plans that have not produced the results I wanted.

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