The Influence Spread using the Magyar Kartya

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The King of Hearts was preselected to represent myself.

imageCurrent Influences
Seven of Leaves + Knight of Leaves
The feeling of apathy is the predominate emotion sweeping through me. This lack of interest stems from my perception that others have the belief that I hold the answers to their questions.

Mental Influences
Knight of Acorns + Seven of Bells
The prevailing thought is in breaking free from having to assist troublesome people and their problems rather than concentrating on creating a bright and happy future for my-self.

Past Influences
Osz + Nine of Acorns
In my past, I have felt emotionally and spiritually ill in trying to rectify bad situations that I have consciously and unconsciously got myself into. These situations have produced nothing but loss and unhappiness.

Grounded Influences
Nine of Bells + Seven of Acorns
The ability to save money and work towards making money in meeting my goals has been a blessing in my life. And yet at the same time my softness of character has been a major curse by releasing my wealth to assist the financial needs of other peoples when they are in lack.

Future Influences
King of Bells + Eight of Bells
The future does look bright in the coming of an influential man in my life. His ruthlessness and ambition will bring a new richness into my life in being able to create a positive and uplifting abundant change in my financial, emotional and spiritual life.

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