Five Card Spread using the Magyar Kartya

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Traditionally I was taught to read the cards from left to right. The past is the left hand side and the future is on the right hand side. In the last few months I have been working with the direction the significator card (King of Hearts) is facing to determine past and future.

What can I learn about tomorrow?

Nine of Bells Reversed + Osz Reversed + King of Hearts + 10 of Bells + Eight of Leaves

There is a general feeling of annoyance and frustration sweeping over me tomorrow that is stemming from the feeling of restriction in expressing my outgoing nature. In a lot of ways this restriction is important in the large scheme of things as it forces me to concentrate on what I want to achieve and how I will achieve it. What is good is that it will open me up to connecting with people in foreign countries that I am planning to visit this calendar year.

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