The Bulgarian Spread as taught by Dmitry Korolev in his You Tube video

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For the last two years I see the same man on the train going to work. We have never spoken. In recent days his presence has been missed.  I asked the cards to elaborate.
Past: QD + AH Rx + AC + KH + AD Rx
In the past this man may have had a romantic relationship with a lady that loved to socialize. Her love of spending without constraint may have led to them falling apart. His search for a committed relationship has seen him seeking advice from an older man who has experienced the same type of financial loss from being in love with a spend thrift.
Recent past: KS + QH
The advice of an authoritarian and ruthless male and a kind hearted caring female appears to be very instrumental to this man in his decision making. it could be that this man still lives with his parents.
Near future: 10C + AS Rx
If a friendship developed with this man it is indicated to be emotional draining and disappointing at first but once I got to know him and his situation better these feelings would die away.
Future: KD + JC + JS + 10D + 9H
Three men appear to influence this man’s life. All three are at log a heads with each other.  The first could be his father. He is an older man although helpful if asked to do something for you could turn aggressive quite quickly if he then decided he didn’t want to do it after all.  The other two younger men are at polar extremes. The first is kind and compassionate while the second is rude and obnoxious.  It appears that the obnoxious man is teaching the man on the train into taking a journey to be more like him. His method of operation is to play emotional and mental games without fear of the ramifications they might bring along down the track.
Fate: 9C + 10S + 9S
Any long term friendship with this man does not have a very positive result. Life would appear to be a constant endless state of mental hardship and sadness that would not stop in dealing with this man’s love of drama.
Upon the heart: 9D + QC + QS
This man has a lucky winning streak about him and that could explain why people are attracted to him. There are two women that are very dear to his heart but like the men are not very social with each other. The first woman is a true and loyal friend while the other women likes nothing better to scheme and create problems.
Additional cards of information:
9C + 10H
One of the reasons why this man appears to carry sadness with him is that he is unable to sustain a relationship for whatever reason.
10S + JD
One of the reasons why this man lives in complete negativity of others is that he has been a victim of another man emotional and mental abuse.
9S + JH
The hurt and sadness he carries with him comes from a loss of a friend that appeared to have a rose coloured view of the world but got damaged in the process.
As a foot note this reading may not make a lot of sense as yet. I am still endeavoring to work with the specific meanings of these cards.  


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