Bulgarian Spread on a question of love

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Mary came asking if there was a man coming into her life soon.

 Past: King of Hearts + Nine of Diamonds + Nine of Hearts + Ace of Hearts + Ace of Clubs Reversed

It is seen that Mary still reminisces over a man in her past that brought her an emotional sense of wealth and luck in her life. It wasn’t always that way. The relationship is indicated to have started off casually before building into the major love of her life and then for whatever reason disintegrating leaving her feeling alone and isolated.

Recent Past: King of Diamonds + Ace of Spades

A man recently has imparted some exciting information that has given Mary promise that her desires will shortly be realized.

.Recent Future: King of Spades + Ten of Hearts

The indication is that a relationship will develop with a man soon but it is doomed to fail before any real emotions for each other takes hold.

 Future: Jack of Hearts + Ten of Spades + Ten of Clubs + Nine of Spades + Queen of Spades

A young man with a caring heart will come into Mary’s life but with it comes emotional and possibly mental childishness in his approach to a serious relationship. There is an indication that a sense of hopelessness is coming that will result in long term sadness and self-pity. A female friend is the culprit in allowing Mary to dwell in these feelings rather than trying to lift her out of the darkness.

Additional Cards:

10 of Spades + King of Clubs

A lack of love and acceptance from a goal orientated father could indicate to be the reason why this young man has conflict and trouble within him.

 Nine of Spades + Ten of Diamonds

The lack of belief or hope in Mary that she cannot have a loving partner appears to be a journey that she has traveled with for a long while.

 Queen of Spades + Queen of Hearts

A feud has broken out between two of Mary’s female friends. One is in a loving relationship and the other not. This animosity creates the scene that if she can’t be happy then Mary can’t be as well.

Upon the Heart: Nine of Clubs + Jack of Clubs + Ace of Diamonds

An excited apprehension brews on Marys emotional heart that finding a man similar to the one of her past is a very real possibility and with it comes physical, material, emotional and spiritual wealth beyond measure.

Fate: Jack of Diamonds + Jack of Spades + Queen of Diamonds

The fate cards suggest that two men will come into Mary’s love life.  They share many of the same negative characteristics and both will up and leave in time. One of these men is possibly unfaithful with a female from his past that still intervenes or controls in his life.

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