Gong Hee Fot Choy: Sunday 30 July 2017 to Saturday 5 August 2017

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thumbnail_IMG_4583First Row:

 House of Compass: Ace of Clubs

Gift: Someone is thinking of giving you a present. They are planning and wondering what you would like. Hold a thought for something you want. They will pick up your thought.

House of Wishes: Jack of Diamonds

Letters: Your wish pertains to or will be influenced by a letter or some other hasty news.  The letter will not bring the wish to take place.

House of Success: Eight of Clubs

Achievement: If you are working towards some achievement it will turn out to be successful. You are on the right road or soon will be. Good business or work indicated.

House of Moon: Nine of Diamonds

Surprises: If you are single you will be surprised as a certain party you least expect will declare his love for you or someone, a source you little expect will defend your character when you do not know it. A happy surprise for you

House of Surprise: Queen of Spades

Gratitude: You will be surprised at an ungrateful person you have helped. You will meet with ingratitude.

House of Popularity: Ace of Spades

Death: You will hear of the death of a famous person or how they lost their popularity with the public or if you are popular you may lose your drawing power or good name or through a change in business or position new popularity comes to you or the ending of a disagreeable situation.

House of Abode: Jack of Clubs

Relatives: Relatives will live with you or you will live with them or very close friends or relatives influence your home conditions.

House of Journey: Ace of Diamonds

New undertakings: You may change the work you are doing or you are going into a new venture of some kind that should be successful or you will change location or job or business.

Second Row:

 House of Papers: Eight of Spades

Trouble: You will have trouble over a class paper if attending school. You may fail in an examination oe you will have trouble over signing a paper or you misplace valuable paper.

House of Vocation: Queen of Hearts

Friends: You will make many friends where you work or a friend will give you work if unemployed or through an agency you will secure a good position.

House of Marriage: Nine of Clubs

Luck: Your marriage will prove lucky and your mate will supply you with many worldly goods or if single you will be married soon.

House of Happiness: Seven of Clubs

Messages: You will receive many kinds of invitations that make you happy or a message from someone who pleases you.

House of Enjoyment: Seven of Hearts

Happiness: Many nice invitations will come to you within the month that you should enjoy immensely. Some new clothing is enjoyed by you.

House of Messages: Seven of Spades

Health: You will hear of the illness of someone you thought in good health or you hear something that makes you blue and sick at heart or a message inquiring about your health

House of Relatives: Eight of Hearts

Moon love: Some or one of your relatives loves you very much and you are their favourite.as a whole friends and relatives love you.

House of Health: King of Diamonds

Legal papers:  If you have a sedentary job be sure you excerise also indicates a bilious condition. You may visit a dentist or doctor.

 Third Row:

 House of Money: Ten of Clubs

Journey: Money comes to you from a distance or through a trip or change of work you will make more money, a change for the better. This could be the sale of land or a car.

House of Seasons: Eight of Diamonds

Inheritance: An inheritance will come to you from an elderly person or if you have an inheritance coming. It will be several seasons before you receive your share. Money will be paid to you.

 House of Friends: Nine of Spades

Disappointment: You will lose a friend or a loss through an investment a friend recommended also borrowers don’t remain friend’s very long or angry words with someone.

House of Gifts: Queen of Diamonds

Seasons: Something you desire very much will be given you this season or a present from an elderly person. A lasting gift will be received.

House of Letters: Ten of Spades

Sun: You will receive a letter that will bring sunshine into your life or if you have made an investment it will bring returns enabling you to take a nice trip or vacation or a better income through investment.

House of Trouble: King of Hearts

Enjoyment: Some trouble or worry will come your way but you will be helped by a kindly person who has your welfare at heart.

House of Disappointment: Ten of Hearts

Marriage or union: You will be disappointed in the outcome of some wedding or you will lose someone very dear to you through their marriage and moving away. If, in business a disappointment in regards to some progress that should have taken place but did not, or a delayed business conference.

House of Death: King of Clubs

Vocation: The death of someone may change your present occupation, a change of work is indicated or the severance of an unpleasant working condition.

 Fourth Row:

House of Undertaking: Seven of Diamonds

Success: A new venture will be offered such as shares or commission. If attending school part time work will be offered you. Success is in store for you.

House of Achievement: Ten of Diamonds

Money: Your achievements will be many and will bring money.

House of Inheritance: Nine of Hearts

Your wish: Your wish picks up with an inheritance or by help from someone.

House of Callers: Queen of Clubs

Inquirer: You can expect callers soon. Prepare for them as they will expect to be entertained.

House of Gratitude: Jack of Spades

Compass-thought: You have trusted someone you never should have or a bill collector calls and is very rude over unjust bills.

House of Inquirer: Ace of Hearts

The abode: In the House of Inquirer indicates that you have a good home or will build a home to your liking or a home condition has a great influence in your life.

House of Luck: Jack of Hearts

Popularity: You are lucky in being well thought of. Cultivate this.

House of Sun: King of Spades

Callers: This Sun Houses is for any man in uniform and public service. It indicates constant change like the sun. One location one day and on the high seas another:  You seem to change like the sun.


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