Gong Hee Fot Choy: Sunday 6 August 2017 to Saturday 12 August 2017

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First Row:

 House of Compass: Seven of Clubs

Messages: Someone is thinking of phoning or writing you or wish you would call them. Relax and see if that person wants to contact you, see if their name will come to you.

 House of Wishes: Queen of Hearts

Friends or relatives: A friend or relative will influence your wish. They will block it.

 House of Success: Nine of Clubs

Luck: Good luck and success are in store for you also when things look the darkest you will forge ahead to success. The next nine days should be profitable.

House of Moon: Seven of Diamonds

Success: Your life should be very successful through the love of one or many people or you will be successful in love.

House of Surprise: King of Hearts

Enjoyment: A kindly person surprises you. A good surprise: A nice present for you.

House of Popularity: Ten of Spades

Sun: The sun uncovers deceit and lies and if someone tries to get credit for something your rightful place will be established or you will have many real admires. If in professional world, the sun will shine bright for you.

House of Abode: Eight of Clubs

Achievement: Home conditions or someone where you live will help you with some achievement or business.

House of Journey: Nine of Spades

Disappointment: You will be disappointed in a trip or in not taking a trip you planned or a big loss through a trip or change of some kind is imminent or a delay in plans to move or sell.

 Second Row:

 House of Papers: Eight of Spades

Trouble: You will have trouble over a class paper if attending school. You may fail in an examination or you will have trouble over signing a paper or you misplace a valuable paper.

House of Vocation: Queen of Diamonds

Seasons: You should prosper in work requiring patience and time. Also if unemployed you will receive a position or the equivalent soon or you will change your employment.

House of Marriage: Eight of Hearts

Moon-love: Love and marriage will soon come into your life.

House of Happiness: Ace of Hearts

The Abode: Happiness should come through a good home and thrifty mate.

House of Enjoyment: Jack of Hearts

Popularity: You enjoy popularity and enjoy being in the company of noted people.

House of Messages: Ace of Clubs

Gift: A message about a gift comes with a ring of the bell or a telephone call or the delivery of a gift or a proposition offered over the phone.

House of Relatives: Ten of Diamonds

Money: You should receive money from a person closely related to you.

House of Health: Queen of Spades

Gratitude: You have been instrumental in helping someone keep well or get well and they will be very ungrateful.

Third Row:

 House of Money: Nine of Diamonds

Surprise: You will be surprised about an opportunity that will be offered which will better your position where you will make more money. Take what is offered it is good for you or you will receive money unexpected.

House of Seasons: Ten of Hearts

Marriage or union: You will have an offer of marriage before the year has passed. It is indicated that something in a business way will change hands this year, it will benefit you financially.

House of Friends: King of Spades

Callers: A friend will help you or call when you need encouragement most or an officer of the law will befriend you. A friendly help is indicated.

House of Gifts: Eight of Diamonds

Inheritance: You will inherit something or it will be given to you and you will share this gift with others. To inherit means to receive.

House of Letters: King of Diamonds

Legal papers: A paper will come through the mail for you to sign or a letter concerning a legal action or there is an important letter coming to you or a deed, lease, contract, will, a legal paper or you will receive an announcement of the opening of a new law office or doctor’s office.

House of Trouble: Ten of Clubs

Journey: You will have trouble on a trip, you may get a traffic ticket or you may have car trouble or you are undecided on making a trip. Make your decision then do it.

House of Disappointment: Jack of Diamonds

Letters: You will be disappointed in the contents of a letter you receive or will be disappointed in not receiving some word important to you or a letter comes telling you of another loss.

House of Death: Jack of Clubs

Relatives: You will her of the death of a relative or of an accident to a relative or a dear friend.

 Fourth Row:

House of Undertaking: Seven of Spades

Health: Your health or someone else’s plays an important part in a new undertaking or you are heartsick and blue because you didn’t take up some new undertaking that became successful.

House of Achievement: Seven of Hearts

Happiness: Happiness is in store for you by mixing business with pleasure.

House of Inheritance: Ace of Diamonds

New undertakings: You will enter a new undertaking through an inheritance left you or a new undertaking brings unlooked for opportunities and money.

House of Callers: Ace of Spades

Death: Callers will tell you of their illness or you will visit a doctor or he calls on you or you will hear of a death through a caller.

House of Gratitude: King of Clubs

Vocation: You will help someone with schoolwork or some other kind of work, a grateful friend in business world or wherever you work.

House of Inquirer: Jack of Spades

Compass-thought: Someone will try to gain your confidence through flattery, look out for a new acquaintance for their intentions are not right or goodwill talk on the air.

House of Luck: Queen of Clubs

Inquirer: You should have good luck for some time to come. Luck is with you.

House of Sun: Nine of Hearts

Your wish: The sun should shine upon your wish. Look for news concerning it in the evening.




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