Gong Hee Fot Choy: Sunday 13th August 2017 to Saturday 19th August 2017  

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First Row:

House of Compass: Seven of Clubs

Messages: Someone is thinking of phoning or writing you or wish you would call them.

House of Wishes: Eight of Clubs

Achievement and business: Your wish pertains to or will be influenced by your own or some other persons achievement, business or business transaction. A good chance for your wish.

House of Success: Eight of Spades

Trouble: You must overcome obstacles, worry and trouble before you succeed. Start something new

House of Moon: King of Spades

Callers: Someone calls who should not be trusted or disagreement or a lover’s quarrel or police are called in the neighbourhood to settle a quarrel between husband and wife or a romance with someone who wears a uniform.

House of Surprise: Jack of Clubs

Relatives: A relative or close friend will surprise you. They will call from a distance.

House of Popularity: Jack of Hearts

Popularity: You should rise to fame’s greatest heights if you are in the professional world. If in any line of endeavour you should not want for popularity. Famous work indicated.

House of Abode: Ten of Spades

Sun: You should be careful of fire where you live and some damage caused by fire or you will install new electric fixtures or outlets in your house.

House of Journey: Nine of Spades

Disappointment: You will be disappointed in a trip or in not taking a trip you planned or a big loss through a trip or change of some kind is imminent or a delay in plans to move or sell.

Second Row:

 House of Papers: Ace of Spades

Death: You will read in the newspapers about the death of a friend or prominent person or you will sign a paper regarding the death of someone or care for papers of a deceased person or take care of papers for an absent person.

House of Vocation: Jack of Diamonds

Letters: You will make good where speed is needed in handling things, speed of mind or action or where things must be carried out with accuracy or you may work with the communications industry.

House of Marriage: Ace of Diamonds

New undertaking: Through being successful in a new undertaking you will marry, a marriage will come as a new undertaking or you will unite with others in a new venture.

House of Happiness: Nine of Hearts

Your wish: Your wish could bring much happiness if you get it. You should get your wish.

House of Enjoyment: Seven of Spades

Health: You should enjoy health for years to come, take care of it, if ill you will have a speedy recovery, or your enjoyment is spoiled by poor health. Cheer up time changes everything.

House of Messages: Ten of Diamonds

Money: You will receive message or talk over the phone about money, arrange payments on something you bought or money you will receive. It’s a message concerning money.

House of Relatives: Seven of Diamonds

Success: Your success lies through a relative. Follow their advice as it is good for you, successful friends or relatives.

House of Health: Queen of Hearts

Friends: You will hear good news regarding a friends or a relative’s health.

Third Row:

 House of Money: King of Clubs

Vocation: If you are working you can look for a raise in pay, better position or good business or more money from wherever your support comes from.

House of Seasons: Seven of Hearts

Happiness: Before the present season is past you will meet with happiness, be ready to receive the good things that come your way.

House of Friends: Eight of Diamonds

Inheritance: You will inherit something of value from a friend or a small sum of money will be given to you.

 House of Gifts: Ten of Clubs

Journey: You will receive a gift from afar or a package you sent for arrives

House of Letters: Jack of Spades

Compass-thoughts: You will receive a letter that annoys you, letter from a spiteful person or an unjust bill. Something disturbing or plenty of mail if in business, good publicity or radio work or advertising or a contest won on the radio.

House of Trouble: Eight of Hearts

Moon-love: There is trouble in love with sweetheart, mate, friends or children or a dispute with a trifling employee, angry words.

House of Disappointment: Queen of Spades

Gratitude: A disappointing loss is indicated from an ungrateful person perhaps someone will do his best to break up your home or make you lose your job. You meet a spiteful person

House of Death: Queen of Diamonds

Seasons: No deaths seem imminent in your immediate family for some time.

Fourth Row:

House of Undertaking: Nine of Clubs

Luck: a new venture will be lucky, go in and you will win

House of Achievement: Jack of Diamonds

Letter: A letter or some form of learning from printed matter like books, pamphlets or school work will influence your future achievement, could be connected with flying an airmail plane or the delivery of something.

House of Inheritance: Ten of Hearts

Marriage or union: Through marriage or the union of a partner you will inherit business shares or a life income or you will be well provided for, good income.

House of Callers: Queen of Clubs

Inquirer: You can expect callers soon, prepare for them as they will expect to be entertained.

House of Gratitude: Ace of Clubs

Gift: You will be grateful for a gift you need very badly or you will be thanked for help you give to a deserving person.

House of Inquirer: Ace of Hearts

The abode: That you have a good home or will build a home to your liking or a home condition has  great influence in your life.

House of Luck: King of Hearts

Enjoyment: You will enjoy good luck through the wisdom of a true friend.

House of Sun: Nine of Diamonds

Surprises: A good surprise awaits you tonight.





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