Gong Hee Fot Choy: Sunday 20 August 2017 to Saturday 26 August 2017

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First Row:

House of Compass: Ace of Spades

Death: Someone that has passed on is trying to contact you. Relax and call to name in silence each person you love that is on another plane. You will greet them and they will be very happy.

House of Wishes: Ten of Hearts

Marriage or union: Your wish pertains to marriage either yourself or someone near you or your wish will be influenced by a union of some kind, friends or business. A good chance is indicated for my wish to come true

House of Success: Ten of Clubs

Journey: Through a trip or change of some kind you will succeed or you will get on better if you are your own boss. A successful change near, buying or selling

House of Moon: Ace of Diamonds

New undertakings: If you are single a new undertaking will affect your future or you will go into some new undertaking that you will love

House of Surprise: Queen of Diamonds

Seasons: Before this year has passed you will be surprised by a relative, someone that will benefit you financially, also great change in your life will come this year

House of Popularity: Nine of Diamonds

Surprises: You will be surprised about nice things that will be said about something you do or you will be asked to do something through being popular that you did not expect. A surprise from a famous person

House of Abode: King of Clubs

Vocation: You will have business transactions in the home or your business will be connected with the home in some way, or your goal is working for a new home

House of Journey: Nine of Clubs

Luck: If you are contemplating a change or trip this will be to your advantage as it will bring you good luck

Second Row:

House of Papers: Ace of Clubs

Gift: The gift of stocks and bonds or shares in a business or a gift of paper will be recorded, something in which paper plays an important part or a gift or paper will be recorded

House of Vocation: King of Diamonds

Legal papers: You would be good in the military or a teacher, judge, head of an organization or any position where leadership is required; you will be employed by a prosperous person

House of Marriage: Queen of Clubs

Inquirer: If you are single you will be married soon or a marriage comes to your family or where you are living you will have something to do with the marriage or the union of something.

House of Happiness: Jack of Hearts

Popularity: Happiness is in store by being popular with your friends and business associates.

House of Enjoyment: Eight of Clubs

Achievement: Good luck in work or business or something is placed in your way to help you, something will give you great enjoyment

House of Messages: King of Hearts

Enjoyment: You will receive a message from someone asking you to dinner also a message from a lawyer or doctor, important message

House of Relatives: Queen of Spades

Gratitude: You have a few grateful relatives; also they may hinder your progress as you may have to support them. Always remember a grateful friend is worth more than money or you will be grateful to a friend or relative.

House of Health: Nine of Diamonds

Surprises: Something you hear about someone’s health will surprise you also about the birth of a child which surprises you

Third Row:

House of Money: Seven of Spades

Health: You will lose money through sickness; your health has something to do with your money conditions

House of Seasons: Ten of Spades

Sun: The next three months should change conditions in your life, or through the past three months things have changed for you, perhaps so gradually that you have not noticed it. The sun should shine for you the next three months. Lucky day: Thursday

House of Friends: Eight of Hearts

Moon-love: You will receive love and esteem from your neighbours, fellow workers or employees, a friend will do you a good deed without your knowledge.

House of Gifts: Jack of Spades

Compass-thoughts: a deceitful person will give you something then talk about you afterwards. This person’s thoughts are for their own gain. Be careful of quality when you shop

House of Letters: Ten of Diamonds

Money: A letter you receive will contain money or a check, someone will ask for a loan in a letter, use your best judgment here

House of Trouble: Eight of Spades

Trouble: Indicates trouble, worry and the blues. Cheer up

House of Disappointment: Jack of Clubs

Relatives: You will be disgusted with some relatives or a friend disappoints you

House of Death: Nine of Spades

Disappointment: A great loss by death or you have had a great loss by loss by death or a delay in hearing of a death

Fourth Row:

House of Undertaking: King of Spades

Callers: A caller will want you to enter into an investment or business deal or purchase something. Be careful for this might end up in court

House of Achievement: Seven of Diamonds

Success: Some achievement brings big success in the future. Fame and fortune-try

House of Inheritance: Nine of Hearts

Your wish: Your wish picks up with an inheritance or by help from someone

House of Callers: Jack of Diamonds

Letters: Someone calls on you with a letter or paper for you to read or a call about a letter sent you

House of Gratitude: Queen of Hearts

Friends: Friends are grateful or will be grateful for a favour you have done or will do for them. Or you will be grateful to a friend for a favour.

House of Inquirer: Seven of Clubs

Message: If your wish pertains to a personal letter or message you will surely receive it. An important message of some kind

House of Luck: Seven of Hearts

Happiness: Luck and happiness will come your way

House of Sun: Ace of Hearts

The abode: You will improve home or you will host a party


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