Gong Hee Fot Choy: Sunday 27 August 2017 to Saturday 2 September 2017

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First Row:

House of Compass: Jack of Heart

Popularity: You will advertise through a medium that reaches space and distance.

House of Wishes: Ace of Spades

Death: Your wish will be influenced by one of many meanings: death, divorce, separation, incarceration, love, illicit affairs or the ending of something disagreeable. A chance for your wish to happen

House of Success: Ace of Clubs

Gift: a gift of some kind has something to do with your future success or you will be successful in obtaining a gift you want to give someone or an offer made to your benefit

House of Moon: Ace of Hearts

The abode: That you love a good home or there is much love in your home or in the future you will have a home with love. A new home is indicated.

House of Surprise: Jack of Diamonds

Letters: You will be surprised very soon over hasty news you receive like an old persons wedding or you will get a letter from a person you never thought would write to you

House of Popularity: King of Clubs

Vocation: By being popular and well liked you will get work, business or a promotion or your services will be desired in some other capacity, or you will work with professional people.

House of Abode: Nine of Clubs

Luck: Through luck you will sometime in your life obtain a home to your liking. This home may come through a gamble of some kind such as playing the stock exchange or you will have good luck if you buy a home of your own. Luck and a home go together here

House of Journey: Queen of Clubs

Inquirer: You are facing a journey, a move or a change of some kind

Second Row:

House of Papers: Queen of Spades

Gratitude: An ungrateful person will try to gain something through you like being named in your will or made beneficiary in insurance papers, or you will be grateful to someone for helping you with your lesson or signing a paper

House of Vocation: Nine of Spades

Disappointment: You are disappointed in the outcome of some work or are disappointed in not being employed, a loss of employment indicated here, or a delay in completing a job

House of Marriage: Nine of Diamonds

Surprised: You will be surprised about an old persons wedding or when you hear of the marriage of someone whom you thought never would wed or some proposal will surprise you

House of Happiness: Ten of Spades

Sun: People will call to find out something they wish to know like prying into your business. Beware of a gossip or the sun will shine through a caller you have not seen in a long time

House of Enjoyment: Seven of Diamonds

Success: Your own success or someone else’s gives you enjoyment; an introduction at a weekend party will bring you success later or success through entertainment

House of Messages: Seven of Spades

Health: You will hear of the illness of someone you thought in good health or you hear something that makes you blue and sick at heart or a message inquiring about your health

House of Relatives: Jack of Spades

Compass-thoughts: A relative is not strictly honest. To your face such people are very charming but their thoughts are not upright or a young relative may be employed in the media

House of Health: Seven of Clubs

Messages: You will receive a message regarding someone’s health or recovery or a message about an accident.

Third Row:

House of Money: Ten of Clubs

Journey: Money comes to you from a distance or through a trip or change of work you will make more money, a change for the better, this could be the sale of land or a car.

House of Seasons: Ten of Hearts

Marriage or union: If you are single and want to get married you will have an offer before the year has passed. It also indicates that something in a business way will change hands this year: will benefit you financially.

House of Friends: Jack of Clubs

Relatives: You have a relative who will prove a real friend in time of need or a relative will befriend you when you are not present.

House of Gifts: King of Hearts

Enjoyment: You will receive a gift from someone who has your best interests at heart, something you will enjoy very much or you give enjoyment to others by making or giving them things.

House of Letters: Ace of Diamonds

New undertaking: A letter comes very soon regarding a new undertaking like a friend offering you a share in his business or a new position offered or you send out business announcement advertising

House of Trouble: Nine of Hearts

Your wish: You will worry about your wish or there is some obstacle in connection with it. This does not signify you do not get it.  You might have some trouble after you get it because there is something better by waiting

House of Disappointment: Eight of Spades

Trouble: Worry and disappointment are in store for you if you have not had them already. Grasp trouble like nettles it will not sting. Be careful of what you are doing especially when you drive

House of Death: Queen of Hearts

Friends: You will hear of the death of a dear friend or hear of the death of a prominent lady.

Fourth Row:

House of Undertaking: Ten of Diamonds

Money: Soon you will make money by investment in a new company, patents or an invention. Mining is a gamble but it will turn out well. Money made through a new venture.

House of Achievement: Eight of Diamonds

Inheritance: Through being clever or smart in some achievement something good is offered you, or an inheritance is given you for being obedient to someone’s wishes.

House of Inheritance: Queen of Diamonds

Seasons: An elderly person will pass away soon and you will benefit thereby. This should happen within three months. A beneficial change

House of Callers: Seven of Hearts

Happiness: Someone calls to see you very soon and brings much happiness to you.

House of Gratitude: Eight of Clubs

Achievement: Friends in the business world will be grateful and repay you at a later date or you will receive a favour because you are grateful.

House of Inquirer: King of Diamonds

Legal papers: You will have papers to sign or be faced with a court action or a professional man will play an important part in your life.

House of Luck: King of Spades

Callers: Luck has something to do with a caller, they tell you about a good investment or that you have won something or you find out something to your benefits

House of Sun: Eight of Hearts

Moon-love: Be kind, be true:  be sincere


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