Gong Hee Fot Choy: Sunday 3 September to Saturday 9 September 2017

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First Row:

House of Compass: Jack of Spades

Compass-thoughts: indicates you will have either a famous flyer in your family or a very close friend or they will be employed in the media or some work like astrology, work that reaches space and distance.

House of Wishes: Ace of Hearts

The abode: Someone in the home or a house condition or influence has something to do with your work. There is a good chance of my wish coming true

House of Success: Nine of Clubs

Luck: Good lucl and success are in store for you, also when things look the darkest you will forge ahead to success. The next nine days should be profitable.

House of Moon: Ten of Clubs

Journey: You go on a trip, you will love it. If single, a honeymoon trip or an outing with your sweetheart or a trip that betters your condition, a better position will be offered, make the change

House of Surprise: Jack of Clubs

Relatives: a relative or close friend will surprise you, they will call from a distance.

House of Popularity: Ace of Spades

Death: You will hear of the death of a famous person or how they lost their popularity with the public or if you are popular you may lose your drawing power or good name. Or through a change in business or position new popularity comes to you or the ending of a disagreeable situation.

House of Abode: Ace of Diamonds

New undertaking: Money will be spent in the home to a good advantage or you are contemplating buying a home or some or some new undertaking will start in the home and should meet with success or the starting of a new business.

House of Journey: King of Spades

Callers: Someone calls to tell about a death or police call bringing bad news concerning an accident to someone you know or you get a speeding ticket while driving or uninvited guests arrive

 Second Row:

House of Papers: Nine of Diamonds

Surprises: You will be surprised by a subpoena or court action of some kind where you will be involved or someone will want you to sign a paper

House of Vocation: Ten of Spades

Sun: You should be sure your vocation is an honourable one or that you do not work for a schemer or crook. You might be involved. You will uncover something crooked.

House of Marriage: Eight of Diamonds

Inheritance: You attend a marriage or the union with old folks like taking care of them; you will inherit some money or jewellery or personal belongings.

House of Happiness: Seven of Spades

Health: Good health will bring you happiness

House of Enjoyment: Nine of Spades

Disappointment: Some place you go will disappoint you, you may lose something or a postponement

House of Messages: Queen of Clubs

Inquirer: A message comes from a distance to you or you will receive mail advertising a trip or inviting you on one

House of Relatives: King of Hearts

Enjoyment: A kindly person will be good to you also financial gains through this party

House of Health: Seven of Diamonds

Success: Your health affects your success. Be careful of your health and you will succeed. Good health and success indicated.

 Third Row:

House of Money: King of Diamonds

Legal papers: Some money that comes through a paper will need the services of an attorney also an opportunity to invest

House of Seasons: Queen of Hearts

Friends: Friends will ask you to spend your vacation with them or they will spend theirs with you or you will set a time to meet a friend

House of Friends: Queen of Diamonds

Seasons: In your lifetime you will have a very wealthy friend on whom you can depend and you benefit by it. Financial gain or good advice from this party

House of Gifts: Jack of Clubs

Relatives: You may expect a gift from a close friend or relative, a small gift you have long desired or a friend or relative will remember you in his will

House of Letters: Seven of Clubs

Message: You will receive a letter, sudden news of some kind regarding papers

House of Trouble: Ace of Clubs

Gift: You have trouble over a gift, it may be damaged in delivery or you fret over something you want badly or about angry words over something you bought

House of Disappointment: Jack of Diamonds

Letters: You will be disappointed in the contents of a letter you received or will be disappointed in not receiving some word important to you or a letter comes telling you of another’s loss

House of Death: Ten of Hearts

Marriage or union: You will hear of the death of a young person or a newlywed or the breaking up for the best of an old condition in your life or changing of a partnership

 Fourth Row:

House of Undertaking: Queen of Spades

Gratitude: Some person will pretend to be grateful and want you to go into business or will try to separate a husband and wife or to break up a friendship. Be careful

House of Achievement: Eight of Hearts

Moon-love: Your greatest achievement comes with the help of someone who loves you or through any vocation that needs loving care

House of Inheritance: Eight of Clubs

Achievement: Through some achievement you will be well liked and left an estate like a business or shares in a business or you will be paid a bonus if you are an employee

House of Callers: Nine of Hearts

Your wish: Your wish has something to do with a call or callers

House of Gratitude: Ten of Diamonds

Money: Someone will be grateful for your help financially, not necessarily the loan of money or you will be grateful to someone who put something in your way that brought you money

House of Inquirer: Seven of Hearts

Happiness: Your future should be full of happiness either through achieving something or through a talent of your own. Happiness is in store for you

House of Luck: Jack of Hearts

Popularity: You are lucky in being well thought of. Cultivate this.

House of Sun: Eight of Spades

Trouble: The sun coming into your life soon will erase all trouble. Concentrate on happy thoughts. Never say it cannot be done.




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