Gong Hee Fot Choy: Sunday 10 September to Saturday 16 September 2017

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First Row:

House of Compass: King of Hearts

Enjoyment: You will enjoy a radio or TV program or you will purchase new CD’s.

House of Wishes: Nine of Diamonds

Surprises: Your wish pertains to or will be influenced by a surprise. My wish will contain opposition.

House of Success: Seven of Spades

Health: Your health affects your successor dismay over success will not help. If you don’t succeed there is something else for you or success and good health are in store for you.

House of Moon: Nine of Spades

Disappointment: You are or will be disappointed in love or in a close friend. It also indicates a divorce or broken engagement. A loved one is moving away or is delayed in returning.

House of Surprise: Ten of Spades

Sun: You will find out something in late afternoon that will surprise you about someone you trusted and thought your friend. Be careful to whom you tell secrets.

House of Popularity: Jack of Clubs

Relatives: You should have a very famous relative or through the help of some relative, you will become very popular.

House of Abode: Queen of Clubs

Inquirer: A new home is coming to you and your home will be run like a business and afford much comfort.

House of Journey: Ten of Diamonds

Money: You will receive money from a journey or by taking a journey you will get some. Money is connected with a change or trip here.

 Second Row:

House of Papers: Jack of Diamonds

Letters: You will receive a legal document through the mail or an email about a court action or you will follow in the newspapers some trial that takes place, hasty air news of importance.

House of Vocation: Nine of Hearts

Your wish: You will get something better in your line of employment or you should get your wish

House of Marriage: Seven of Clubs

Messages: You will receive a message to attend a wedding or hear of an elopement or marriage.

House of Happiness: Ten of Clubs

Journey: Your greatest happiness comes through travel. Happiness comes over change of conditions, a good change.

House of Enjoyment: Queen of Spades

Gratitude: By being grateful for small favours, much happiness comes into your life, cultivate a grateful manner.

House of Messages: Ace of Spades

Death: You will receive a message concerning a death, or an accident and a death follows or someone will call to say goodbye.

House of Relatives: Nine of Clubs

Luck: You should have lucky relatives or through some of your relatives you will be lucky.

House of Health: Ace of Diamonds

New undertaking: Don’t work too hard or start anything that would drain on your vitality, be moderate or new medical treatments, something will change this condition if you had poor health in the past.

Third Row:

House of Money: King of Spades

Callers: You will pay a fine, an opportunity is lost, callers discuss money or a loan asked or you lay out plans with a caller.

House of Seasons: Eight of Spades

Trouble: Before three months pass you will have some obstacle to surmount, trouble is indicated strongly. Do not worry time eliminates all annoying conditions, lucky day is Saturday.

House of Friends: Ten of Hearts

Marriage or union: A very dear friend will ask your hand in marriage, also indicates the union of old friends or school mates.

House of Gifts: Eight of Clubs

Achievement: Through an achievement you will receive a gift or an offer of partnership.

House of Letters: Ace of Clubs

Gift: You will receive a gift through the mail or you will send money by mail.

House of Trouble: Seven of Hearts

Happiness: Jealousy may cause you some trouble also indicates worry or troubles can come from this.

House of Disappointment: Eight of Hearts

Moon-love: You will be disappointed in someone you love or a broken engagement or divorce or an engagement or divorce postponed.

House of Death: Queen of Hearts

Friends: You will hear of the death of a dear friend or hear of the death of a prominent lady.

 Fourth Row:

House of Undertaking: King of Diamonds

Legal papers: You will sign a paper to enter partnership or a new undertaking is in store, everything should be in black and white if you go into partnership or affiliate with some other firm.

House of Achievement: Eight of Diamonds

Moon-love: Your greatest achievement comes with the help of someone who loves you or through any vocation that needs loving care

House of Inheritance: Seven of Diamonds

Success: You should succeed in settling an inheritance that is coming to you, success and better income.

House of Callers: Ace of Hearts

The abode: Someone will call where you live and surprise you by saying he has moved or bought a new home or someone calls to show you property.

House of Gratitude: King of Clubs

Vocation: You will help someone with schoolwork or some other kind of work, a grateful friend in business world or wherever you work.

House of Inquirer: Jack of Hearts

Popularity: Popularity will have something to do with your future or you will receive plenty of publicity. You have fine prospects before you.

House of Luck: Queen of Diamonds

Seasons: This season should be one of luck to you, profit by this luck, as luck fades with time.

House of Sun: Jack of Spades

Compass-thoughts: Let your thoughts always be on the positive constructive side.



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