Gong Hee Fot Choy: Sunday 24th of September 2017 to Saturday 30th of September 2017

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House of Compass: King of Diamonds

Legal papers: There is the vibration from the spirit world to guide you in health and healing. Help from a physician who has left the planet.

House of Wishes: Jack of Hearts

Popularity or a young person:  Your wish pertains to or will be influenced by popularity in a business or social way. There will be opposition of my wish coming to me.

House of Success: Seven of Hearts

Happiness: Success lies in an outward manifestation of cheerfulness and friendliness and you will have to combat much jealousy in order to succeed. Happiness and success indicated

House of Moon: King of Hearts

Enjoyment: The love or esteem of a kindly person will influence your future welfare. You may also look forward to some enjoyable situation like going to some place of amusement very soon.

House of Surprise: Ten of Hearts

Marriage/union: You will be surprised about someone’s elopement or marriage or a surprise party will be held in your honour. A union with old friends or a surprise about an old person’s wedding.

House of Popularity: Jack of Spades

Compass/thoughts: A deceitful person will be nice to your face and criticize at your back. Be aware of trouble with this person.

House of Abode: Seven of Diamonds

Success: Your success started through your early training at home or you will have a successful home or will succeed as a homemaker or builder or success in selling or buying a home.

House of Journey: King of Clubs

Vocation: Your next vocation will involve travel in some ways or any line connected with transportation.

House of Papers: Nine of Clubs

Luck: A lucky investment or a paper of some kind will affect your future, also indicates luck in a legal action, something pertaining to court.

House of Vocation: Queen of Clubs

Inquirer: Work is in store for you, or you like to work or you will take up a new line of endeavour. Work and business indicated.

House of Marriage: Queen of Diamonds

Seasons: If you are not married before the season is past you will have an offer of marriage soon or you will attend the wedding of a friend.

House of Happiness: Queen of Spades

Gratitude: A grateful person will express his happiness for a favour bestowed by someone.

House of Enjoyment: Jack of Clubs

Relatives: Relatives will bring enjoyment in your life. Enjoyment comes through children or good friends.

House of Messages: Nine of Spades

Disappointment: You will receive a message relating a loss of some kind or you will lose something and send a message or phone trying to locate it or a delayed phone call.

House of Relatives: Jack of Diamonds

Letters: You will receive from relative hasty news that is very important to you.

House of Health: Ace of Diamonds

New undertakings: If you have had poor health in the past something will chamge this condition. If in good health don’t work too hard or start anything that would drain on your vitality, be moderate or new medical treatments

House of Money: Eight of Clubs

Achievement: Through some achievement you will make a large sum of money. Business, money and work are indicated.

House of Seasons: Queen of Hearts

Friends: Friends will ask you to spend your vacation with them or they will spend theirs with you or you will set a time to meet a friend.

House of Friends: Ace of Spades

Death: You will make a friend with someone who deals with death or you may lose a friend by death.

House of Gifts:  Eight of Diamonds

Inheritance: You will inherit something or it will be given to you and you will share this gift with others. To inherit means to receive.

House of Letters: Ace of Hearts

The abode: A letter will come that contain news of some kind about a home or a home for you.

House of Trouble; Seven of Spades

Health: Either you worry about being sick or you are ill, trouble with sickness is coming your way. Avoid this by taking care of your health or you are heartsick or blue or tears shed at a funeral.

House of Disappointment:  Ace of Clubs

Gift: You will be disappointed in not receiving a promised gift or it is damaged in delivery or the theft of something valuable. Take care of your clothing.

House of Death: Eight of Spades

Trouble: You worry or fear someone you love will die or you are grieving or will grieve over a death of a loved one, perhaps a pet.

House of Undertaking: Ten of Spades

Sun: You should investigate a new undertaking before going into it. There is something you ought to look into and know about. Or you will study something that requires much research.

House of Achievement: Eight of Hearts

Moon/love: Your greatest achievement comes with the help of someone who loves you or through any vocation that needs loving care.

House of Inheritance: Ten of Diamonds

Money: You will be remembered in a will and you should receive a large sum of money or a better income.

House of Callers: Nine of Hearts

Your wish: Your wish has something to do with a call or caller.

House of Gratitude: King of Spades

Callers: Ungrateful people will come on you.

House of Inquirer: Seven of Clubs

Messages: If your wish pertains to a personal letter or message you surely receive it, an important message of some kind.

House of Luck: Nine of Diamonds

Surprise: You will be surprised at some good fortune you will have in the very near future.

House of Sun: Ten of Clubs

Journey: Plenty of fun on your vocation.






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