A daily card reading using a Scottish Playing Card Method

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Row One: JD + QC + 9H + KC

A young energetic man with big financial ideas is ignoring the wisdom from a female friend. Her knowledge on the subject can be grounded in practicality and trusted as she has walked this path before. If success is to come about on these projected ideas he will need to take with him an older and more experienced business advisor.

Row Two: 10H + QH + AD

A deep connection with a protective and passionate female has agreed to supporting him financially if need be.

Row Three: 9S + QS + QD

Incorrect information that is disruptive has been spotted by a clever detached women and her flirtatious cultured girlfriend.

Extrapolating the reading:

As this is a daily reading with no specific question asked I am assuming that the Jack of Diamonds is me.

1: Advised needs to be sought before going forwards with my plans.

2: Financial help will be offered

3:  Seek a second opinion.


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