My scribbles in learning to read 24 Playing Cards

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There was no question asked today.
I wanted to create a story line with all four methods. One of the authors of a book on learning to read playing cards talks about making up a story. It can be as fanciful or realistic as you like. Once the story is created you go back and reread the story looking for key words or thoughts throughout the story that may reveal what the reading is truly about and/or the answer the question.

To avoid having to write the names of the countries as I give the meanings to the cards, I will shorten them to…
B = (Bulgarian), P = (Polish), R = (Romanian), and S = (Scottish)

B: A young man with red hair and grey eyes is feeling ill. He has spent too much money trying to impress a potential love interest. He current feels dejected and down hearted after a disagreement with a young handsome bad boy with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. A couple with medium dark brown hair and blue eyes are in conflict with each other. They both possess a strong trait of being trustworthy and yet they are struggling to practice it. The main reason for the fight is that he is showing affection for a woman with sandy blond hair and a big open heart. What this Jack of Clubs fails to see that the relationship will fail quickly. The good news of the failure will travel fast by a woman with dark brown hair that likes to play dirty games.

P: A young man with light blond hair and blue wants to throw a huge party where he hopes a lot of people will attend. Yet only one young man with black hair and dark brown eyes turns up. It could be that later on two people with dark brown hair and hazel eyes show up alongside a light brown hair and hazel eyes. There will be a lot of happiness at this party. The party will take place at the home of a woman with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

R: A young man with light blond hair will go out after dark. He will curse his actions for doing so when he meets a young man with dark brown hair. A female with hazel eyes is contemplating about her girlfriend with sandy blond hair. She hopes that she is happy and will pursue a close bonding with this young dark haired man. It may lead to a stirring in his heart.

S: A young man feels that he is in trouble. It is only a minor issue until he meets with another young man that has similar characteristics. Three people come together in his aid. They develop a close friendship but it will end extremely sharply on the arrival of a female joining the group.

As an example, the Polish, Romanian and Scottish reading to me seems to suggest having false expectations. You are wanting an outcome and think that you can do it alone on your own efforts. Self-sufficiency is good to start the ball rolling but it is through the interactions of others that a possibility will arrive that you very well may get what you are searching for.

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