Reading for the 3rd of February 2020

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There is a growing perception that your life today is all glitz and glamour but do they really see the challenges and hard work you have placed on yourself to achieve such accolades. Accept the adoration for what it is and certainly use it as a great motivation factor for what you have endured to this point but don’t allow it to negate the hardship you underwent in reaching this pinnacle. And yet the Nostalgia card hints that care needs to be taken that you don’t resort to escaping to the innocence of your childhood when you believed in the extraordinary that didn’t carry a personal cost to your mental or physical health. The only thought you should hold today is that gratification by others for your success is not the answer. It is being able to say to yourself that you have truly enjoyed the journey that took you to this point.


    • They are called the Tattoo Oracle Cards. The tattoo images are by Teneile Napoli and the words in the guide book are by Charmaine Wilson. I used images from the first deck. The second deck bears the same name with a subtitle: The Knowing.


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